Reoccurring thoughts of self-harm,
Recrudescences of wrist slashing,
Of jumping off the bridge,
Of downing a bottle of *Quaalude™️,
Of driving off the cliff,
Of blowing off the skull.
Subterranean thoughts rumbling,
Under the summit of execution.
Held back by opposing thoughts,
From the conscious damming
The lava of depression, destitution, and
Despair, essential to modern living.

Why, why, why me?
Am I special, is it inheritance?
Is it a combination of inheritance and
Pressures of modern living?
Are medications ameliorating or
Exacerbating my thoughts?
Have inner demons taken over, or are
Outer demons in cahoots with inner demons?
Whatever, time to take charge and
Dam the bubbling emotional lava, or
It may bubble to the surface and
Exhilarate at my expense – suicide!

*Quaalude – banned sedative and hypnotic agent because of widespread abuse.

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