Elections in Africa.
As John Magafuli would say
“What elections, use the money
For development” – really John?

Elections are developments.
Developmental choices made by
The electorate casting uninfluenced,
Uncompromised, or untainted votes.

Elections in Africa are *Rigilections©️.
Dictators never lose elections.
Majority tribe always win, except in
Nigeria, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Elections free of violence, religion,
Ethnicity, intimidation, and rigging
Are keys to the emergence of democracy,
In diverse but bigoted African countries.

*Rigilections©️ – Predetermined elections where incumbents rig themselves into offices, through sham elections characterized by vote buying, violence, and voting on ethnic and religious sentiments.

2 thoughts on “ELECTIONS IN AFRICA

  1. Magafuli, blindly failed to appreciate the ideological stance of Hegel, who in his idea of history, contend that the state is by every indices the epitome of historical development in the world. If then, things were so, the institution of the state as realized by the peoples votes, becomes, the real developmental process in human history.

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