Developed and perfected by the Boers of South Africa,
A tribe non-indigenous to South Africa or Africa,
Boers, the Massas*, kept everything good, productive, and beautiful to Boers.
Non-Boers, segregated to slums, and slaughterhouses.
Apartheid, a system of organized slavery and oppression,
Meant to offer great economic advantages to the Massas,
And economic deprivation, poverty, and penury to Slaves.
There were worldwide protests against this system of governance and
Apartheid begins crumbling in 1989 as laws are reversed.

Nigeria and Nigerians sacrificed to end Apartheid in South Africa.
Election of Madiba Nelson Mandela in 1994 was the final nail.
Twenty one years later, Major General Muhammadu Buhari,
A cattle owner from the non-indigenous Fulanis of Nigeria,
Is elected President of the secular Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Buhari introduces Fulani Apartheid to Nigerian Politics.
Nigeria turns into pre-1989 South Africa, where
Fulanis (Herders, Boers) control all security apparatuses, money, civil service, courts.
Control also all essential commodities including oxygen, life and death.

Buhari keeps everything good, productive, and beautiful to the Fulanis.
Buhari introduces Fulanization, Islamization, and Ruganization.
Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen replicating Soweto massacres,
Pounce upon peacefully sleeping Nigerians, especially farmers,
Maiming, killing, and disemboweling
Adults, pregnant women, children, and burning dwellings.
Why is the world quietly witnessing the reintroduction of Apartheid?
Who supplies Major General Muhammadu Buhari with weapons?
Is Black on Black Apartheid palatable to the world?
Does the world want to see bloodshed in Nigeria?

Why is America, Britain, Russia, China, and France not applying
Sanctions, travel bans, and asset seizures on
Major General Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani CABAL?
When will Black Lives Matter to the world and humanity?
Is it when the refugee boats start leaving Nigerian shores?
The world loves Slave ships leaving African shores, but
Apprehend Refugee ships leaving African shores or
Better, let them drown in the high seas – Really!
Reckless actions by leaders demand resolute responses by the World.

*Massa – Master as used by African Slaves in America.


  1. Your eternal question reverberates world-over, as we all know, but reserve our comments … because, we mostly live in fear of our oppressors at all times. We prefer not to rock the eternal slave boat. We are resigned to our fate in this planet. No more quest for reversal of the said status of humiliation of our existence. Oh! why try…it is too late. OTU ONYE OGA EME GENE?.After all, whites are the rulers and we (Africans), are the ruled.QED.

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