Nigerian Judges, an oxymoron.
Nigerian Lady Justice has taken off
Her blindfolds and unplugged her ears
Looking for, and listening for, directives from
The Executive arm of Government.
Judgements are written by the Executive and
Pronounced by Nigerian Judges with trials after judgement.
Nigerian Independent Judiciary, another oxymoron.
Nigerian Judges lack judgement.

Executive decides bail conditions.
Executive writes Judgement, and
Nigerian Judges pronounce Judgement,
Winding down ongoing businesses with
Tens of thousands of employees.
Are the Judges providing alternative
Employment, gratuity, and Income? No
Are the Judges taking care of the unemployed? No.
Nigerian Judges lack judgement.

Nigerian Judges set impossible
Bail and surety conditions,
Meant to satisfy executive
Whims, caprices, and biases.
Forfeit state resources to
The Fulani Federal Government of
Nigeria, and continue the marginalization and oppression
Of the indigenous tribes of Nigeria by the Fulanis.
Nigerian Judges lack judgement.

Wish Nigerian Judges had judgement,
Judgements that are arrows piercing the
Executive’s shield of corruption adorned with
Impunity, hypocrisy, and malevolence.
Wish Nigerian Judges had honor and integrity.
Nigerian Judges resign rather than “lawfully”
Advancing anarchy and anomie in the Republic.
History shall judge you severely and harshly.
Nigerian Judges lack judgement.


  1. Do they really understand the principle of Checks and Balances, and their role ,as the judiciary, apart from the Executive and the Legislative branches? Do they know and grasp the method of the operation of the three branches of government in a mixed justice system…Sharia and western justice system? I bet you dear, theirs is a purely nightmarish process. They ought to be and be seen as the master key of the ship of state, between the people(Parliament) and the Executive (Elected Government). Do they obviously Explicitly or implicitly comprehend all these nooks and abstract and phenomenal corners of the Nation?

    1. Not in a Thievocracy:
      Government of Thieves by Thieves for Thieves.
      The Thieves on the outside of Government are praying, fasting, sowing, and tithing to get inside.

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