Cold War from 1947 to 1991
Outlasted eleven Olympic Games.
Olympics turned into Cold War Arenas
Dominated by superhuman Eastern Bloc Athletes.
Athletes bubbling with esoteric chemicals, who
Repeatedly swept the power-sport competitions.
One threw a 50kg hammer 500 meters!
Maybe, sporting competitions be
Renamed cheating competitions.
Olympics Games became another arena
For ideological and national dominance.
Cold War resolved by politics and economics.

Sports focused on competition for dominance
Success measured by medal haul, not
Friendships hauled in by opposing teams.
Competitions meant to enhance harmony
Turned into competitive medal harvest.
Harvest as many medals as possible,
Harvest as many trophies as possible,
Harm as many opponents as possible,
Hoist your National Flags, as many
Times as possible on the dais,
Make your anthem, the competition jingle
Competition have become collisions.

Collisions between East and West.
Collisions between Communism and Capitalism.
Collisions between North and South.
Collisions between Races and Religions.
Time to change the reward system.
Every participant in an Olympic event
Takes home a competition medal, medals
For first three finishers, medal for last place,
And the best medal for Fair Play.
May the remodeling of sports begin.
Sporting Competitions shall promote
Human relationships as the Greeks envisaged.

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