Jeremy Corbyn’s hopes for a hung parliament dashed
By Britons’ dislike of Jeremy Corbyn, and not the Labor Party.
Jeremy Corbyn has run Labor aground on the beaches
Of Dunkirk, and dragged Britain into the harsh terrain of the Ardenne Forest.
Deal Brexit, no deal Brexit, or an American deal Brexit,
No longer the headlines, but when will Jeremy Corbyn vamoose?

One man’s obstinacy has ruined the British Labor Party.
Any other Labor Leader would have thrashed the
Flamboyant and floundering Conservative Party Leader Boris Johnson.
Obstinate politicians put self over party and Nation.
Jeremy Corbyn, retire to the Beaches of Cornwall
And eat muddy pie at the Muddy Beach Cafe.

PS. Every poll before the December 12 Brexit General Election confirmed the unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn, yet he led the Labor Party into ruination.

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