Divert public resources,
To your private pockets,
Stall infrastructural development,
Create poverty, penury, and suffering.
Build palatial mansions without
Sewage, potable water, electricity, or roads.

Drive exotic cars on crater-filled roads
Not fit for a road rally or safari.
Throw in one or two luxurious jets.
Export the unspent loot to
Panama, Jersey Islands, and Utopia.
Create Utopia for others with stolen money.

While creating Dystopia, Death
Degradation, and Dehumanization,
For those whose commonwealth,
You have expropriated and exported.
Build churches and mosques to keep
The masses fully anesthetized with opium.

Dole out a few pennies as philanthropy.
Praised by sycophants and the fawning
Gullible masses, who own the wealth.
Don’t be fooled, it is no philanthropy
It is your wealth being returned in smidgens.
Philanthropy indeed!

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