Fuel subsidies quintupled under Buhari.
Pump prices for fuel, doubled under Buhari.
Phony $25 billion oil contract awarded by Buhari.

$2.8 billion disappeared in the 70’s under Buhari as
Nigeria’s Oil Minister and Chairman of the NNPC*.
Why is a cow farmer so addicted to oil? – Financial rewards.

Why not Buhari as Agriculture Minister or Minister of Cows?
If it smells fishy, there is a rotten fish lurking somewhere,
Currently, Fuel Marketers owed zillions of Naira

Yet, Nuhu Ribadu claims there are no more oil billionaires
Yea, the days of the oil billionaires are over and history,
Move over newly minted oil trillionaires and zillionaires.

Yes, where did the oil money go?
Don’t claim monkeys, snakes, and birds absconded with it.
Nigerians known to metamorphose into animals to evade arrest.

Buhari claimed Abacha stole no money as Military Dictator
However, Buhari recovered billions of Abacha loot – Miracle?
Buhari also claimed to have distributed Abacha billions to nameless Nigerians.

Was selection based on tribe and Islamic affinity?
Or was it added to “fuel subsidy” and NNPC contracts?
These financial shenanigans will surely get murkier and murkier.

As the “Next Level” ramps up and 2023 approaches,
Is “Rice Moni**” next after “Trader Moni***,” with the illegal border closures,
In the era of a continental African Free Trade Agreement?

Sorry. Africastallestman forgot Buhari was last to sign ACFTA despite having
Chiedu Osakwe**** as Champion and moving force behind the epochal agreement.
If Osakwe was Fulani, Buhari will be first to sign.

Nuhu Ribadu, Nigerians are seeing through you!
Nigerians, is Nuhu Ribadu Fulani?
If yes, is he part of the CABAL given his dubious EFCC stint?

With Buhari as petroleum minister, there are no more oil billionaires —Nuhu Ribadu


*NNPC – Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
**Rice Moni – Next Level of Trader Moni.
***Trader Moni – Money distributed to Traders prior to 2019 National Elections by the Buhari-APC Government.
****Chiedu Osakwe, Ph.D – Nigerian-Born World-Renowned Trade Negotiator.

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