The Gullible Economy, the mother of all Economies

The Gullible Economy creates the Religious, Knowledge, and Political Economies

The Religious Economy is possible because of Religious Gullibility

The Knowledge Economy is possible because of Gullibility for Knowledge

The Political Economy is possible because of Gullibility for Mendacity.

Religious Gullibility bad for the Economy by diverting resources

Knowledge Gullibility good for the Economy by spurning innovation

Political Gullibility disastrous for the Economy by “Brainscrubbing*.”

Undeveloped, Retrodeveloping, and Underdeveloped Countries

Are fertile breeding grounds for Religious and Political Gullibility.

The current spread of Political and Religious Gullibility into the First World

Prime examples of The United Kingdom, Russia, and the USA

Signifies the beginning of the end of our civilization!

*Brainscrubbing – a pernicious form of brainwashing.

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