Most Nigerians are Christians or Muslims

All Christians and Muslims prefer Heaven to Earth or Hell

God loves Nigerians so much so that

God kills Nigerians at a very young age

Average life expectancy of Nigerians less than 54 years

So many dead Nigerians in the Nigerian section of Heaven

All Nigerian vices have been transferred to Heaven

Corruption, Nepotism, Bribery, Homicides, Tribalism, Thievery….

Nigerians dying in droves to secure prime real estate in Heaven

The new trend in testimonies at revivals of

Tithing, tongue talking, and extortion, where

Charlatans in clerical garb extort the gullible for private gain is

Why did God spare my life in that ghastly motor accident?

Nigerians as you know never carry last – Heaven included.

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