The intentionality of minimizing Nigeria’s problems by
The well-connected, well-heeled, and well-secured,
Means Nigeria’s problems created by the “one percent” are not acknowledged.
Acknowledgement means problems are half-solved.

The Intentionality of sending your child to
A $61,000 yearly room and board Pickering College in Ontario, Canada,
Proves your intentionality of abandoning the ramshackle
Education system in Nigeria, for a superior education in Canada!

The intentionality of willfully forgetting that
Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, despite
An abundance of human and natural resources
Is evil, intentional, and misanthropic.

The intentionality of forgetting thousands of
Nigerians sleeping under flyovers as you belch exhaust fumes
On them from your fleet of armored Jeeps is Orwellian.
The intentionality of glossing over real problems in Nigeria is despicable.

The use of pidgin “I dey” or “E go better” is Machiavellian.
Maybe, “I die” as many have died, or “E go bad”
As many are hungry, because Nigeria is “retrodeveloping.”
Her power and water supply are less than 1960 standards.

Fifty nine years after independence, the intentionality of the
Nigerian Bourgeoisie, is to intentionally minimize the problems of Nigeria
In the international arena, so the raping of the Nigerian economy,
Continues unabated, and unchallenged with disastrous consequences.

The intentionality is to create more widows for
Foundations and NGOs to continue to attract foreign aid,
Aid that do not make meaningful impact on poverty alleviation,
But showcases the philanthropy, or is it, misanthropy of the operators.

If Nigeria is utopia, why do rich Nigerians send
Their children to foreign Preparatory Schools, Colleges, and Universities?
Why are foreign students not flocking to Nigerian Preparatory Schools, Colleges, and Universities?
Nigerian public schools are eyesores and the Universities on perpetual strike.

The intentionality of affluent Nigerians is to continue to,
Dominate Nigerian businesses and politics by intentionally
Providing unusable education to the masses while, their
Children are educated at premier foreign institutions.

Nigeria and Nigerians shall prosper when the intentionality of
The “one percent” is to create a middle class that will,
Eliminate poverty and ensure a fairer distribution of income and
Not intentionally obfuscate and bamboozle foreigners by sophism.


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