Vote against USA at UN,
Vitiate your USA Aid.
Refuse to stir up dirt,
To influence US Elections,
Forgo US Military Aid.
Say yes to quid,
Get compensated with quo.
Say no to Rudy,
Forget quid pro quo.

Reject quid, and
Kiss quo goodbye.
Quid pro quo,
The Trumpian way of
Conducting US Government business!
Running the US,
No different from
Running casinos, resorts,
And tremendous golf courses.

Hey,! Hey!!, What of
National Security and
Relationships between nations?
What of America first?
Yes! Yes!! It is Trump first,
America second and
Everyone else can go
To hell and die.
America is Trump country.

2 thoughts on “QUID PRO QUO!

  1. Haters speak falsely about Trump. What is wrong in quid pro quo for America? He is God’s sent and he wants America great again, period.

    1. Haters know Haters!
      Your God is a different God.
      When did the “Devil” make America “ungreat?”

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