Anambra politics is getting uglier and deadlier every day. The introduction of zoning by the penultimate Governor, has injected more odium and opprobrium into Anambra politics.
Each Governor populates the Government House, key offices, and key agencies with Rats from his/her village. As the term of the Governor ends, the village Rats now exposed to urban life refuse to relocate to their villages.

Subsequently, there are Rats from Igbo-Ukwu, Uli, Uga, Alor, Agulu, Nnewi, and Aguleri coexisting peacefully in the Government of Anambra State. Attempts by new Rats from the incumbent’s village to expel the older Rats are rebuffed, by the older occupants who are bigger than the new arrivals.

A new development turned the tables in favour of the new Rats. The current Chief Rat introduced alcohol into the rat diet. As usual, the incumbent favored his village Rats. Fights become more frequent, usually initiated by the new Rats. The older sober Rats always prevailed until a Miyetti Allah aka Fulani Terrorist Rat, infiltrated the rat population. AK-47s were surreptitiously smuggled into the state and distributed to only Aguleri Rats.

With their new firepower, the Aguleri Rats descended on the Igbo-Ukwu, Uli, Uga, Alor, Agulu, and Nnewi Rats and decimated them leaving the whole state spattered with blood and rat cadavers.
Meanwhile, the Vultures (elders), who ought to have nipped this ugly development in the exemplary Anambra State, are busy feasting on rat remains.
Each dead Rat attracts a payment of 500,000 Naira which the elders gleefully share!

Political pundits are postulating that by the end of tenure of the Chief Rat in 2021, Anambra State will be worse than Imo State, where Imonians ©️indulged the profligacy of a power-drunk Hausa-Igbo Governor. Did Anambranians foresee that a liquor drunk Igbo-Fulani Governor is more dangerful?

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