A tribe without integrity
Is doomed forever.
If Mazi Nnamdi Kalu
Does not refute the
Rumors of his compromise,
By Buhari and the Cabal,
Igbos have lost integrity forever.
First, MASSOB and Uwazurike,
Took the Hausa-Fulani bait,
And dented Igbo integrity.
If MNK and IPOB are tainted,
Igbos are doomed forever,
As no one takes a tribe,
Without integrity, serious.

By losing integrity, Igbos
Have lost honesty, principles,
Probity, purity, rectitude, sincerity,
Virtues, candor, forthrightness.
Goodness, honorableness, incorruptibility,
Righteousness and straightforwardness.
Igbos might as well tie
Ropes around their necks,
And become Fulani Cows.
MNK, it is not late to clear
The fouled air, and refute
Asari Dokubo’s accusations.
The welfare of Biafrans and
Entire Igbos is at stake.

We have heard from Deputy Leader.
Uche Okafor-Mefor, of IPOB.
MNK, the stakes are too high.
The Leader of the Biafran struggle
Must unequivocally state, that
He is not compromised by Buhari,
The Cabal, and the larger Hausa-Fulani,
Feudal, Irredentist, and Islamic Oligarchy.
Speak up now in your own voice,
Or history will not be kind, on
You, Biafrans and Igbos forever.
Rightly stated, freedom fighting
Is not resource control, and
Cannot be compromised for crumbs.


  1. No. These are not the things that define us. We’re going through a patch but we always know who we are.

  2. Remember I asked this question when they were celebrating his return.
    Where are his parents?
    This question is key because if the Feds took him and and parents and released him to go do their bidding then his choices are limited. His appearance in Israel was never fully explained. It left enough holes to drive a truck through.
    Ife na eme.

    1. I do not believe in conspiracy theories.

      With careful analysis
      questions, and answers, we will get to the truth.

      I find it preposterous that you would want to know how he appeared in Israel at this time.
      It is akin to the CIA or MI-6 giving you their operational manuals.

      You may be the next person going to Israel through the same route.

      1. Preposterous???? Everything is tied together. You are asking if he’s sold out and yet won’t entertain the question of his appearance in Israel. More importantly, which you have ignored, is the whereabouts of his parents wherein his father is a traditional ruler.
        My father was not a traditional ruler but just part of the cabinet but I can hardly get him to take long vacations out of our village. It is an anathema with the aged. Whatever it is that kept the old man out of his comfort zone must be life threatening.

        1. You are mixing things up.
          The whole story will be out sooner or later.
          No need speculating.
          That’s why MNK must speak for himself.
          You want MNK to detail how he got to Israel? – not possible.

          Will your father stay in the village if “Army Pythons” sent by Buhari are seeking to kill him?

          Did you forget there was a massacre of innocent people and a dog at his Royal Father’s Palace?

          Is it possible for you to convert to Islam, under threat of beheading by Islamists, and later renege on the conversion when US Special Forces rescue you?

          You are right with your last sentence.
          Would you return to be killed?

          1. MNK must speak then. If his father’s life is threatened or he is a captive somewhere, he could perhaps let the world know.
            Or maybe he cannot. OK. We understand. But he remains one compromised body.

            He cannot detail how he got to Israel as per CIA, MI-6 kind of operations? Please ring another one, this one’s got holes in it.

            1. I cannot follow your line of reasoning.
              You want MNK to reveal the whereabouts of his parents so you can sell the information to Buhari?
              You have not proven your compromise theory.
              Try another theory.
              Did you listen to MNK’s broadcast or read his tweet today?
              “Every Igbo Is Smarter Than Every Other Igbo.”

              1. I think it is your line of reasoning that’s got one confused. Starting from your original posting to your new found/reinforced defence.
                Listening to or reading MNK is for the thick skinned. I think reading Africastallestman is just about enough.
                Don’t you think?

                1. There is no Leader without flaws, MNK included.
                  Ohaneze, Igbo Governors, and revered Prof. Ben Nwabueze met with MNK in Enugu in September 2018..
                  Subsequently, Governors Obiano and Ikpeazu financed the murderous raid on his father’ residence.
                  They squandered their opportunity to modulate MNK.
                  Africastallestman compliments, and cannot replace MNK.

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