The recent trip to Abuja by Igbo Traitors, Turncoats, Fake Chiefs, Jobbers, Sycophants, Emergency Alhajis, and Charlatans is pathognomonic of the moral, cultural, and ethical decay in Igbo land.
These *EFULEFUS do not represent Igbos or Igbo interests but represent Hausa-Igbo interests, or to put it more succinctly represent their pockets.
Watch video below.

This sordid display of stupidity will not have happened during the Igbo State Union days of old.
The Hausa-Fulanis are reaping the benefits of a curriculum devoid of history.

Afenifere has two factions, but none went to Abuja to prostrate before the modern Othman Dan Fodio, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, who is intent on annihilating Igbos through **MMM, and turning Igbo land into one big cattle colony.

There are factions of the Northern Elders Forum but none went to Abuja to prostitute herself before Buhari.

The Igbos were famed as one of the tribes that used ostracism to maintain law and order.
Igbos must ostracize those who denigrate the tribe by supporting evil.

Igbos must,
1. Not engage in any business relationship with culprits.
2. Not allow culprits address Igbo gatherings.
3. Not attend, or participate in any activities including funerals and weddings, organized by culprits, or organized on behalf of culprits.
4. Look the other way and turn their backs on culprits if they meet in public.
5. Igbo must turn their backs towards culprits, if culprits are addressing a multi-tribal gathering, as a representative of the Hausa-Igbo tribe.
6. Not readmit culprits into Igbo society, until they make contrite amends, and are cleansed as prescribed by the various religious authorities.
7. Banish forever, culprits who commit the same transgression of anti-Igbo activity, thrice.

Africastallestman hopes that the Igbos will do the right thing and regain their high standing in the world community of tribes.

*EFULEFU – An Efulefu is an Igbo political leader who can’t defend the interests of his/her own people due to greed & cowardice. From Igbo Amaka

**MMM – Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.

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