Thirty Seven Islamic Fulanis killed in Mali.
Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and massacre,
Declares the British Broadcasting Corporation.
The Fulanis must be protected from violence.
Their destructive nomadic life protected.

Thirty seven thousand Nigerian Christians,
Killed by unknown Fulani Gunmen, also known as,
Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, or Terrorist arm of,
The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria,
With Muhammadu/Jubrin Buhari as Chief Patron.

Massacre of Christian Farmers by Fulanis,
Described by BBC as Herdsmen-Farmer Clashes and
Not genocide, ethnic cleansing, and massacre,
Of Aborigines by blood thirsty Islamic Fulanis.
Do Fulanis have to kill humans to protect cattle?

Jaundiced BBC describes Fulani killing orgies, as
Clashes occasioned by global warming, and
Need for pasture and water by Fulani cows.
Your crops and water for Fulani cows or
We (Fulanis) will kill you and burn your property.

Wish Mongolian Herdsmen will invade Britain with yaks.
Mongolian yaks need British crops and water.
Resisting British Christians cut into pieces,
Perfect for making shepherd’s pie and mincemeat!
Yaks, valuable to Mongolians, as cows to Fulanis.

Supposedly, Christian Britain values Feudal Fulanis,
Over Christian Farmers’ lives and property.
Britain still compensating Islamic Feudal Fulanis,
For helping pacify Nigerian Christians using Feudalism,
Islam, WAFF, and Lord Frederick Lugard.

Feudal Britain still using Feudal Fulanis,
To foment trouble, disorder and disillusionment in Nigeria,
Because Feudalism enhances exploitation,
Exploitation is the mainstay of British policy.
Exploitation thrives under Feudalism.

Feudal Relationships always trump Religion.
In Islamic Feudalism, the monarch heads Church and State.
In Anglican Christianity, the monarch heads Church and State.
Hence the bond between British Christians and Islamic Fulanis.
Feudalists shall always love Feudalists.

*WAFF – West African Frontier Force.


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