Ever heard of London Improvement Union?
Yet, London is improved and improving.
Ever heard of New York Descendants Union?
Yet, New York is developed and developing.
Ever heard of Beijing Domination Union,
Yet, China aims to dominate Earth and Space.
Emphasize differences, lose cohesion and relevance.
Igbo Fragmentation, Ensures Foreign Domination of Igbos.

Nkwerre Aborigines Union should be,
Igbo Union, Nkwerre Branch.
Nnewi Improvement Union should be,
Igbo Union, Nnewi Branch.
Awka Development Union should be,
Igbo Union, Awka Branch.
Aba Peoples’ Organization should be,
Igbo Union, Aba Branch.

Enugu Indigenous Union should be,
Igbo Union, Enugu Branch.
Abakiliki Amalgamation Union should be
Igbo Union, Abakiliki Branch.
Umunede Descendants Union, should be,
Igbo Union Umunede Branch.
Finally, Diobu Domination Union should be,
Igbo Union, Diobu Branch.

Fragmentation means Innoson sites,
His auto assembly operations at Nnewi,
Instead of a logical Onicha location, with
Water, road, and soon rail communications.
Fragmentation ensured that Igbos had,
Five Senate Presidents, in eight years of Obasanjo!
Fragmentation ensured that Igbo Governors invited,
A Fulani President to kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The North more diverse than Igbo land.
Yet, there is only one AREWA.
Every Northerner speaks Hausa, from
Kaura Namoda to Makurdi, and
From Maiduguri to Koton-karfe.
Northern Unity, ensures Northern Domination of Nigeria,
Through the Feudal Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy,
Islamic Theocracy, and Fulani Dictatorship.

Fragmentation worse amongst Diasporan Igbos.
Diasporan Igbos fragmented into Towns,
Villages and soon Family Unions.
Easier to break a single broomstick,
Than broomsticks arranged in a bundle.
Igbos urged to defragment, unite, and
Reclaim their exalted position in the World,
Because an un-defragmented computer, will lose efficiency.


  1. Africastallestman, here is a response to this piece from another forum where it was shared.

    What he calls fragmentations can be channelled into positive energies. Igbos are not products of oligarchic society so his postulations cannot work. The igweship was created in igboland by government is actually a drawback to our progress and productive energy. If the microcosm is solidified eventually the whole would be solidified. There is nothing wrong in one answering his father’s name.


      Your postulations will work, if the other tribes are organized in the same fashion as the Igbos.
      But they are not.
      What helped the Igbos fight British colonialism, is now being used against the Igbos, because “Every Igbo Is Smarter Than Every Other Igbo.”

      If Igbos can go from tying loincloths to wearing Western suits, under the hot tropical sun, they can adapt to having significant authority figures.

      The present flawed system where Imo State with 700 monarchs, has more monarchs than the rest of Nigeria is shambolic.
      When everyone is a monarch, no one is a monarch.
      A rationally organized monarchical system will sanitize the current mayhem and abomination in Igbo land.

      If the Ooni of Ife says that Yoruba Presidency of the Senate, will not rotate, it will not. Rotation diminishes, instead of enhancing the position.

      You can answer your father’s name but there is no sanction if you add Onye Ori Gburugburu and head to Abuja to claim the Igbo portion of the National cake. Every inconsequential Igbo is High Chief 419 Gburugburu of Igbo land.
      An abomination unheard of in other tribes.

      Finally, Igbos have always had leadership but not hereditary leadership. Igbo leadership was tied to lawfully acquired wealth and membership of the Nze na Ozo Society or through the Priesthood as in Nri.
      Any person who can rule on a dispute is a leader.

      Please explore the links for more elucidation,



  2. This has no bearing to what Igbos are. The author must not be connected to the true spirit of onye alagha nwanne among Igbos.

    1. Could you elaborate on the “spirit of onye alagha nwanne,” so International visitors will understand how fragmentation promotes that spirit?

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