Sell weapons of mass destruction to dictators.
Supply logistics, refueling capabilities, and advisers.
Bodies mangled, infrastructure destroyed and decimated.
Cholera, diphtheria, typhoid, measles, and their allies add to the toll.
Landscape of mangled metals, mountains of ruble, and rubbish.
Skeletal children, bloated abdomen abound everywhere,
Meanwhile, pregnancy rates are severely diminished.
These are walking yarns, spindly at both ends, but
Bulbous and bloated in middle by hunger and starvation.

Yarns of continuous destruction delivered by,
Air, sea, and land by machines, supplied by,
The East and West to their favorite dictators.
The Security Council of the UN has become, the
Center of Insecurity, as the Permanent Members,
US, Russia, China, UK, and France supply powerful
Weapons of mass destruction, while disavowing
Any knowledge of their use by Allies on Civilians.

Civilians especially children, are collateral damage.
Collateral to damage of adult lives and infrastructure?
Or collateral to instill fear in the general population?
Or collateral to be repaid by Terrorists and Terrorism?
Death is death as there are no Collateral Heavens,
Collateral Hells, Collateral Reincarnations, or Collateral Eternity.
Maybe, the Suppliers should share the Collateral Blame,
And stop shifting all the blame to the Users.

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