ARE THESE IGBO GOVERNORS OR HAUSA-IGBO GOVERNORS? (Conversation between a Diasporan Igbo and a cab driver)

(Conversation between a Diasporan Igbo and a cab driver)

“Stop, hey, who go dia?”
“I beg your pardon”

“Do not speak *dogon trenchi.
Anoda one from America.”

“I hope you carry plenty dollars.
All of you come down at once.”

After the pretend search of their vehicle, and the usual monetary extortion, the conversation continues.

Diasporan Igbo:
“Six roadblocks in five miles?
Hey, driver is this Igbo land?”

“Are you taking the right route?
Are we going through a war zone?”

Cab driver:
“Oga, you neba see anything,
More roadblocks than in Boko Haram territory”

“We are under siege by the Hausa-Fulani.”
Only Hausa-Fulani Soldiers in Igbo land!”

“Only Hausa-Fulani Police in Igbo land!
Only HausaFulani Customs in Igbo land!”

“Only Hausa-Fulani Road Safety in Igbo land!
Only Hausa-Fulani, Hausa-Fulanis everywhere!”

Diasporan Igbo:
“Are cattle colonies, cattle ranches, Emirates,
And foreign Fulani Emirs in Igbo land next?”
“Didn’t the Biafra-Nigeria War
End over fifty one years ago?”

Cab driver:
“You must be joking, which war ended?
The Hausa-Fulani are still waging war.”

“On our pockets, our farms, our women and
On our psyche, through intimidation and brutality.”

“Hausa-Fulani Soldiers, Police, Customs, and Road Safety,
Extort money from Igbo Merchants, and Travelers.”

“From the Lagos Ports, to the Igbo hinterland and markets,
In full public view without retribution.”

“Fulani herdsmen rape, maim, and kill
Igbo women in their farms, men are executed.”

“Farms are trampled, destroyed, and burnt,
Lives and communities are destroyed.”

“Hausa-Fulani Soldiers, Police and Customs,
Shoot and kill unarmed Igbos, without provocation.”

“All Military, Police, Customs, and Road Safety Bosses
In Igbo land, are Hausa-Fulanis, none are Igbo.”

“Hausa-Fulani Officers fight, bribe, and whitemail,
For most lucrative posting in Nigeria – Igbo land.”

“Get posted to Igbo land as a Boss of any of
The uniformed Services, end your tour of service as a millionaire.”

Diasporan Igbo:
“Are the Governors of Igbo States, Hausa-Igbo or Hausa-Fulani?
Are they unaware of these roadblocks?”

Cab driver:
“Wish they were Hausa-Fulani, they claim to be Igbos,
But they are really Hausa-Igbos, who kowtow to Buhari.”

“Some prostrate and remove their red caps before Buhari,
To ensure their re-election and continued pilfering.”

Diasporan Igbo:
“You are kidding me, a titled Igbo Governor removing
His red cap before a Hausa-Fulani, that’s an abomination.”

Cab driver:
“A greater abomination will be to continue voting in,
These sellouts, sycophants, and political prostitutes.”

Diasporan Igbo:
“Why is Buhari nonchalant and sadistic?
Where are the Igbo elders and politicians?”

Cab driver:
“The Igbo conscience is for sale, to the highest bidder,
Buhari now controls the Nigerian financial spigot.”

“The original Buhari is a religious and ethnic bigot.
“His agenda was Islamization and Fulanization.”

“His replacement from Sudan is even more brutal,
The Arab Sudanese are very racist, hatist, and brutal.”

“Recall how the Arab Sudanese used the Janjaweed,
To maim, murder and disenfranchise the South Sudanese?”

“Buhari, Muhammadu or Jubrin, hates Igbos and are proud,
To exclude Igbos from governance and authority.”

“Few Igbos in positions of authority, in the uniformed services,
Have been prematurely retired, without reason or due process.”

“While Hausa-Fulanis are sent to Igbo land to collect tithes,
Competing with the non-Igbo Pentecostal Churches in tithing.”

“Remaining Igbos in the services, are sent to fight Boko Haram in the North East.
For certain slaughter by decapitation, on capture, for being Infidels.”

“Infidels in their own country, meanwhile, Terrorists are paid ransom,
To release victims of staged kidnappings, mostly school children.”

“Captured Terrorists are tried secretly, released into society,
Some join the Security Services as fifth columnists to sabotage the war on terror.”

Diasporan Igbo:
“Why continue to vote for these Governors?
Why not let Hausa-Fulanis run Igbo land?”

“These Governors should be calling World Press Conferences and
Going to the United Nations to protest the atrocities on Igbos”

“There is no infrastructural development in Igbo land.
What happened to the allocation accruing to the Igbo States.”

Cab driver:
“The Governors are stashing money meant for development,
Into foreign bank accounts and private property development.”

“Igbo Governors only protest, when their executive security votes are late.
Press conferences are only arranged to extol Buhari and his Cabal?”

Diasporan Igbo:
“What is Security Vote?
“What is Executive?”

Cab driver:
Security vote is slush money given to the Executives, for their private unencumbered use.”
“Executives are the President of Nigeria and State Governors.”

“Governors William Obiano and Victor Okezie Ikpeazu of Anambra and Abia States,
Used their security votes to plan, organize and fund the massacre of Igbos in their States.”

“They are the law, they cannot be sued or charged for any offense.
They can arrest anyone, anytime, one was caught on video accepting bribes.”

“One crossed state lines to arrest an internet social and political critic.
Both are Northern Islamist Governors and are campaigning for Buhari’s re-election.”

Diasporan Igbo:
“And you continue to vote for these Hausa-Igbo Governors?
Something is wrong with the present crop of Igbos.”

“Any Igbo person who votes in 2019 is a hopeless fool.
Every Igbo must boycott, the 2019 Nigerian Elections.”

“This indicates to the World that Igbos desire a Referendum.
To decide their path to emancipation.”

“Imposition of unconstitutional Hausa-Fulani Governors,
Not worse than current Hausa-Igbo Governors?”

“Igbo Governors, that never protest the Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder of Igbos,
I cry for Igbos and Igbo land, where are the Okonkwos of Things Fall Apart?

*dogon trenchi – big English grammar in Hausa.


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