There will be a new Nigerian Constitution and the present Military Decree, masquerading as the Constitution of Nigeria shall be discarded.

The geopolitical system instead of fostering unity, has accentuated tribalism and nepotism.
A return to a federal system with five regions; Eastern, Middle Belt, Mid-West, Northern, and Western with a weak Central Government, charged with currency issues, external defense, foreign affairs, customs and excise, inter-regional trade, immigration, federal taxes, and licensing of radio spectrum for communications.

There shall be;
1. Freedom of Speech,
2. Freedom of Movement,
3. Freedom of Religion,
4. Freedom of Association,
5. Free Flow (Freedom) of Interstate Commerce.

There shall be no National or State Religion.
Sharia shall be expunged from the Constitution.
Sharia Law shall be administered by the Islamic Religion, without National or State Subsidy.
When there is a civil or criminal proceeding between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, the matter must be litigated in a Civil Court.
The Police must not be involved in the administration of Sharia Law.
Extreme punishments such as stoning, amputations, flogging, and child marriages, not recognized by Civil Law, are prohibited under Sharia Law.
All Pilgrims Boards run by the National, State, or Local are dissolved and banned.
There shall be no favorable rates for Pilgrims of any Religion, going on Religious pilgrimages.

Citizenship shall be by birth, marriage, or naturalization.
There shall be no references to State of origin, tribe, religion, or method through which citizenship, was acquired on any form.
Any Nigerian domiciled continuously in any part of Nigeria for 6 months, is accorded the Rights and Privileges due to all Nigerians resident in that part of Nigeria, including the right to run for any political office, as a representative of that area.

There shall be no discrimination on the basis of tribe, religion, sex, age, weight, height, sexual orientation, national origin, occupation, or color.
There shall be no quota system in education, employment, appointments, or entitlements.
Meritocracy shall be the National Standard.
Areas or persons who are lagging behind the National average in educational accomplishments, shall be empowered by special educational grants.

Social Welfare:
There shall be a safety net to care for the sick, poor, and elderly.
States and National Governments, shall contribute to the Fund.
There shall be a National Health Insurance Plan and not Scheme.

Infrastructure are sited, based on need, geography, natural resources, and contribution to the economy.

Natural resources belong to the owners of the land in which the resources rest.
Thus, individuals, organizations, Local Governments, State Governments, or National Government may own natural resources.
No common natural resource shall be allocated to any individual.
Previously allocated resources, shall return to the owners of the land, on which the resource rests.
Individuals given oil blocks shall return them.
The Land Use Decree shall be abrogated.
Governmental use of eminent domain, shall not be used to benefit individuals but to benefit communities.
Offshore resources, shall belong to the Federal Government.
Onshore resources, shall belong to the owners of the land.
Owners of natural resources, shall pay applicable taxes on exploitation of their resources.

There shall be no monetary requirements, to be nominated to run for elective offices.
Political Parties cannot require candidates to deposit money, before contesting primary elections.
Primary elections shall be monitored by the State and Federal Election Commissions to forestall fraud.
All party members in good standing, are eligible to vote at their party’s convention
The delegate system shall be abolished.
Voting may be electronic, manual, or by mail.
Election Commissions must be independent bodies, representing all facets of society.
Election Commissions shall not be solely appointed by Governments.
Civil Societies, Academia, Business, Media, and Occupations must be represented.

Federal Character:
This should be expunged from any future Constitution and replaced by local and individual characters.
Federal Character has enthroned corruption, nepotism, Incompetence, and retrodevelopment.
Meritocracy shall be the new standard.

Resource Allocation:
Natural resources have already been allocated by nature.
Any government that claims to allocate resources, is either stealing resources or playing God.
The Federal Government should not be “dashing” oil blocks, to individuals or mining licenses to girlfriends and concubines.
Resources found on private lands belong to the landowners, those on state lands belong to the state, and those on Federal lands, belong to the nation.
The various governments collect tax revenues. Other areas of governance can be concurrent.

An independent Judiciary is a sine qua none in any democracy.
The present system where the executive runs the Judiciary must be curtailed in the new Constitution.
Hounding the Judiciary with State Agencies by the Executive must stop.
Security votes must be abolished and the drafters of that provision in the current Constitution must be imprisoned for life without parole.

The present Legislature is a joke.
This Legislature is an arm of the Executive.
Hounding the Legislature with State Agencies by the Executive must stop.
The new Constitution must make recall elections easier, so Legislative deadwoods can be easily jettisoned.

Destruction of private property by mobs fueled by tribal or religious hate or animosity on the flimsiest of excuses in any region is outlawed.
If such acts occur, the Federal Government shall compensate the victims from the Federal allocation to the state involved.
This will end State, tribal, or religious sponsored destruction of private property.

It is the people running the system that is paramount.
A parliamentary or presidential system is immaterial, if the Nigerian political orientation, value systems, and need for instant gratification are not changed.

Strong Institutions, strong institutions, strong institutions.

Presidential or Parliamentary:
A Presidential or Parliamentary system may suffice, if there are adequate safeguards.
There must be safeguards in the new constitution to prevent a repeat of the “Operation Wetie” episode.
“Operation Python Dance” is another Operation Wetie.
Fortunately, IPOB is a non-violent group.

Executive Immunity:
The idea of executive immunity for criminal acts by governors and presidents must be thrown into the dustbin.

The Army must not be deployed as a police force.

Noise Pollution:
The use of loud external loudspeakers by Religions, must be banned.

Environmental protection, recovery, and safeguards must be inserted into the Constitution.

Jungle Injustice:
Jungle injustice shall be outlawed because justice and jungle do not belong in the phrase.
Anyone actively engaged in the act of jungle injustice should be shot immediately.
If the action turns out to be fatal, a hoodlum has been prevented from taking a presumed innocent life.
Any act of jungle injustice occurring in the jurisdiction of a divisional police officer results in a mandatory 10 % drop in the monthly salary of the divisional police officer. These salary cuts are cumulative.
Ten acts in one month means no pay.
The Region’s Police Commissioner’s salary drops by 5%.
This is also cumulative.
If the culprits are found, charged to court and convicted, the salary cuts are restored and the forfeited salaries are refunded to the officers, plus interest.
The punishment for jungle injustice is mandatory life imprisonment.
If the Government cannot eliminate jungle injustice, it should be extended to politicians, civil servants, businesspeople, or anyone accused of stealing 1 million Naira or more.

The Singaporean Constitution may serve as a template for the Nigerian Constitution.
Restructuring of Nigeria is “a task that must be done.” Does this slogan sound familiar? If”To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done,” then “To restructure Nigeria is a task that must also be done.”


  1. Restructuring Nigeria…. your views are well articulated for those who are truly determined to see one United, progressive and peaceful country.
    But unfortunately, the northerners who believed that they are born to Lord it over others will not agree. And my fear is that there may be problem because as things are going in this country there wouldn’t be any progress unless it is restructured. Pharm okwy Njike, 08038854922 WhatsApp and

  2. As usual, Africantallestman, this is a very wonderful submission backed up by sheer force of highly reasoned arguments and unassailable facts and references and has the potential if implemented, to eliminate most of the socioeconomic and political problems of Nigeria as presently constituted and run. Although I see a few grey areas which some constituent states or regions that have been selectively favored over others for decades of Nigerians’s existence would spill their blood to resist, for the most part, your recommendations are implementable because they horizontally and vertically capture and address the issues of justice, equity and fairness which are precursors of peace and sustainable development. As Achebe posited in his book, “The Trouble with Nigeria”,Nigeria’s greatest undoing is the inability of our leaders to live up to challenges of personal example” Therefore, holding our leadership responsible at various levels of a restructured system for any irresponsible actions and not allowing anyone to hide under the cloak of official immunity to abuse his/her office or commit a despicable atrocity would reasonably serve to check the despotic tendencies of our leaders. Your great recommendations also provided a panacea to the corrosive influence of money politics especially at the delegate and other levels that hitherto, has been a source of manipulative concern. Restructuring as fully argued will no doubt, promote the entrepreneurial spirit of healthy competition and allow the geniuses in each geopolitical setting to progress at their own speed as well as allow each region or setting to devise means and ways of handling their own not too intellectually talented citizens at their own pace. I also like the idea of non-military involvement in policing functions as well as non encroachment of the executive into the legislature or judiciary by having an independent board or body being the one to elect or nominate most members of the judiciary. The only area it doesn’t seem to me your elaborate recommendations covered except I missed it or didn’t read between the lines is something to do with the porosity of our borders which May if not checked be criminally exploited to gain numerical advantage in federal elections by some regions. Not also sure if your recommendations captured or thought about the need to have a way of determining either our current total population or each geopolitical region’s current population prior to the restructuring. Very wonderful scholarly work with the signature touch of the one and only Africastallestman, otherwise. Well done. Nwachukwu, ub

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