Orji Uzor Kalu turned Abia,
Into a refuse dump.
T A Orji made Abia
A refuse hill, and
Ikpeazu has made Abia,
A refuse mountain.
A mountain so high that,
It attracts tourists from
All over the World.

Imo State has had only
One Governor, Dee Sam Mbakwe
She has had Hausa-Fulanis,
Igbos, Yorubas, and Hausa-Igbos,
Masquerading as Governors,
The current Governor may be,
The worst Governor in Nigeria,
If not the entire Universe.
And he was elected by Imonians©️

Fulani Terrorists kill
Enugu Citizens, and
Emeka Ugwuanyi prostrates
While smiling, before
Fulani Dictator Buhari in Abuja,
Who turned down his request for aid.
Caps it with a night out,
At the local night club.
Honoring or mocking the dead?

Niger Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down,
Niger Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
And Buhari is building
Rail lines to Maradi, Niger,
To transport Fulani Cattle.
Onitsha still an eyesore, and
A cesspool of disease.

Ebony State now the
Mecca of Nigeria, as
Shi’a and Sunni Organizations
Try to outbuild each other.
Governor Umahi sponsors
Muslim pilgrims to Mecca,
And honors Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari,
After his pythons strangulated,
And swallowed unarmed Biafrans.

No Igbo Federal Legislator,
Objected to Dangote strangulating
Igbo businesses, or Buhari excluding
Igbos from the management of
Nigeria’s security services, commerce,
Industry, finance, and infrastructure.
No motions, no resolutions sponsored,
By any Federal Igbo Legislator.

Igbo Politicians get Igbo votes
From Igbo voters, get into office,
Spite and scorn Igbos, and kowtow
To their Hausa-Fulani Overlords.
They become untouchable and
Unreachable, guarded by Hausa-Fulani
Mobile Policemen, only to return
Four years later, for Igbo votes.
Your votes do not count!

Your votes did not count in 1999,
And had not counted since,
Reclaim your destiny, by
Boycotting the 2019 Election,
Sends a powerful message to the World,
That Biafrans are serious about,
Exiting the zoo called Nigeria.
A boycott of the 2019 Election,
Is a vote for a Biafran referendum.

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