A boycott of the 2019 Nigerian Elections by the beleaguered, brainwashed, beaten, maltreated, marginalized, murdered, and disenfranchised South Easterners, South Southerners, and North Centralers will send a strong message, to the Northern Sunni Islamic Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy.

Nigeria is not up for grabs by Fulani mercenaries with AK-47s. People were living in Nigeria for eons, until the Fulani invasion of Alhaji Uthman Dan Fodio.
Having defeated, subjugated, and pacified the Hausas; cowed the North Centralers into submission, and confused the Yorubas with Islam, the Fulani conquest of Nigeria is almost complete.

One may ask why the Fulanis are not fomenting murderous mayhem, in the Futa Jallon Mountains of the Senegambia?
Their neighbors are ready to match Fulani violence with violence. A violent tribe will not relent in her aggression, until her victims become the aggressor.
How do you negotiate with a Fulani armed with an AK-47, if you are armed with a stick? The Fulani will negotiate if you are armed with an AK-48!
Nigerians are welcoming, docile, and hospitable people who welcomed the thirsty Fulani Nomads and their cows with open hands. The embrace of the Fulanis by peace-loving Nigerians, turned into a stranglehold on Nigeria and Nigerians by the Fulanis.

A stranglehold turned into death throes by injuries inflicted, by Fulani long knives and Chinese AK-47s. The installation of the Patron of MACBAN (Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria) in the persona of Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari has further emboldened the Fulanis. Their suspended Jihad, with the aim of “dipping” the Quran in the Atlantic Ocean was resumed. Fulani Terrorists disguised as Herdsmen, are kidnapping and murdering Nigerians as far south as Enugu, Edo, Delta, Ogun, Imo, and Anambra States.

If the British spinners of the political gossamer named Nigeria are ascribing Fulani genocide in the North Central as farmer-herdsmen clashes, what is the name for the events in the deep south of Nigeria? Is it Christian-Islamic clashes, farmer-herdsmen clashes, or Jihadic war games?

An Atiku-Obi may or may not mark an interregnum in the Fulani Jihad. Rogue Fulanis may escalate tensions by intensifying their attacks on innocent Nigerians, using their Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda Haram affiliates to continue the Jihad, or wait for a more propitious time. Renewed killings by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen under an Atiku-Obi Administration, will destabilize that Government.

The corruption of the once professional Nigerian Army by Hausa-Fulani conscripts, some of whom are terrorists in disguise, should be of major concern to Nigerians. These rogue soldiers and their Hausa-Fulani commanders continue to aid and abet the Fulani Terrorists.
Attacks by Fulani Terrorists are labeled attacks by unknown gunmen, whereas retaliation by victimized communities are labeled hate crimes. The perpetrators are “known attackers,” who are hunted down and arrested. Many innocent people are swept up in the security dragnet and sent to Buhari’s Gulag. Some are summarily executed, others are tortured and jailed without trial.
Vigilante groups safeguarding their communities are disarmed and their weapons confiscated. One wonders where these weapons eventually end up?

While, the Fulani Terrorists can be seen openly carrying AK-47s in full view, the security agents are confiscating, pump action rifles which are no match to AK-47s. The next phase of the Jihad after the Atiku-Obi interregnum will be more vicious and may mark the end of Nigeria. This assumes, Nigeria does not implode in 2019 when a defeated Buhari, tries to retain power with help of the Hausa-Fulani Military.

Atiku-Obi, if successful in jettisoning the oppressive and evil Buhari Administration in 2019, will be a band aid (temporary) solution to the existential problem facing Nigeria. Nigeria needs a complete dismantling and restructuring.
Africastallestman sees the problem of Nigeria as aggregating discordant people, mutually exclusive irreconcilable religions, and incompatible cultures into one entity. Separating the distinct entities in Nigeria will release the talents, industry, and innovations of a nation strangulated by less than mediocre leadership, ethnic decohesion, and inter-religious bloodshed.

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