Conceived silently by love or lust.
Develop in the denizens of the womb.
Heads molded by birth canals, and further,
Molded by sleep positions and skull anatomy.
More dangerous and permanent molding,
Occurs after exit of the baby into the world.
Affecting the contents of the skull, not the exterior.

Babies exit the womb innocent and unfettered.
Take no position on worldly issues, religion,
Race, Justice and Equality until Innocence,
Is influenced, poisoned, and corrupted by
By parental, societal, media, and relational prejudices.
This pervasive corruption starts in childhood, and
Continues through adolescence and young adulthood.

As adults, children become replicas of their societies,
Sharing preexisting prejudices, and may develop,
More pernicious prejudices, which are in turn,
Transmitted to generations downstream.
Few escapees of these pervasive prejudices,
Become Humanists and the conscience of society.
But changing the majority, is an arduous task.

Societal reorientation, and restructuring,
Must begin in childhood, and continue
Through adolescence and young adulthood.
But many never escape the indoctrination,
Imprinted by society and Religion, that ultimately,
Results in Hatism, Racism, and Human Savagery.
Human Savagery that pervades all races.

Is there a way out of this cyclic violence,
Bequeathed on innocent children by prejudiced adults?
Yes, human admixture, interaction, education, and
Relegation of Religion to private choices, that
Should not influence public decisions, and
Actions at the familial, national and international levels.
Humanism must replace greed and Nationalism.

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