Diaspora Africans, term limited from continuing,
As Bosses of their mushroom organizations,
Have devised innovative ways, to
Stay connected to the gravy train.
Term limited from serving as Bosses,
They form parallel organizations, and
Assume even more highfalutin titles.

“Association of African Dog Catchers of
Houston” becomes “Association of African
Dog Catchers of the The Universe.”
Spurious offices such as Executive Director,
Founder, and Patron-in-Chief are created,
By the African Dictators in the Diaspora.
Offices that are lifelong appointments.

These African dictators proceed to hand out,
Useless plaques with citations such as,
The “Greatest Dog Grabber” in Chicago.
Recipients of these useless plaques,
Adorn and festoon their walls, with
These pieces of wood and cheap metals,
That become habitats for cockroaches.

Is there a difference between Mugabe,
Biya, Kagame, and these Diaspora Dictators?
To hell No. While railing against Mugabe and
His co-travelers, these Diaspora African Dictators,
Are replicating Mugabe, Kagame, and Biya,
In America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
The only remedy is genetic engineering!


  1. Diaspora African Dictators, know no better. They abhor thinking or reflecting about their (Africans) lives.They have little knowledge about the fact that their village existence depended actually on policies and foreign designs of the masters of the entire world. How about their toothless so-called governments at home? Do they understand Austerity measures imposed by IMF, World Bank, GATT, Cold War, the divide between the developed world and the ever underdeveloped world? Can they who seek leadership positions, in their remote corners of their little universe, grasp the idea of Lloyd George, former British Statesman, when he proclaimed that, “We insist that we have the right to BOMB NIGGERS”, or the vision of Winston Churchill, that primitive tribes, like The Kurd, need to be gassed or exterminated.or Woodrow Wilson when, he declared in his 14 point peace process,and all peoples rights to self determination, only to turn around and almost decimated the people of Dominican Republic. What would they claim to know, even, of their so-called AFRICA? Do they understand that in the final analyses, they are the real homeless of the universe? That they could not go home without having their hearts in their hands at night in their villages for fear of armed rubbers, or fear of dying in their accident-ridden potholed roads? What does leadership mean to them?.

    1. After critically examining African behavior, Africastallestman is thoroughly convinced that most aberrant African behavior is encoded in African genes.

      Since genes are influenced by environmental factors, Africans in the Diaspora still exhibit africanic behavior.

      Their offsprings will lose some of the africanic behavior in the coming generations.
      Those offsprings close to their first generation Diaspora parents behave in a fashion similar to their parents or indulge in the same bicameral behavior, as their parents.

      All these point to a strong genetic component. This does not imply genetic racial superiority but emphasizes racial differences in genetic endowment.

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