Stepping off the airplane,
Gangway covered with
Billboards for Dangote products.
Stepping out of the terminal,
Every taxicab plastered, with
Ads for Dangote products.

Getting to our hotel,
Our key tags advertised
Dangote products and services.
All TV channels were flooded, with
Ads promoting Dangote Foundation,
Dangote products and services.

At breakfast, we were served
Bread, made with Dangote flour,
Dangote salt, and Dangote sugar.
We drank Dangote water and Dangote juice.
We started wondering if our
Oxygen supply was Dangote?

Yes, Dangote owns the oxygen supply.
Is this hotel owned by Dangote?
No, but it is built with Dangote cement.
We fill our rental car with Dangote gasoline.
Alas, the highways are filled with trailers,
Hauling all kinds of Dangote products.

The Police cars have Dangote,
Emblazoned all over the panels.
What of the police uniforms?
Yes, they are made of Dangote cotton.
Welcome to the Republic of Dangote,
Erroneously named Republic of Nigeria!


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