An Envious person wants to be you.
A Jealous person wants to be like you.
The Envious person wants to destroy you to be you.
The Jealous person wants you to live to be like you.
Envy is an intense hate against one who,
Has what your heart desires, but is unattainable.

Envy is worse than physical cancer.
Envy is an incurable cancer of the mind.
There is no known cure, except the demise
Of the one afflicted with the cancer of Envy.
Cancer is curable, Envy is not.
Envy continues if the object of the Envy dies.

Jealousy could be disguised as advice.
Jealousy could be disguised as criticism.
Jealousy could be disguised as “compliment.”
Jealousy could be disguised as friendship.
Jealousy may be disguised as enmity.
Whatever, the disguise, it still reeks of Jealousy.

Envy eventually consumes the “Envier,”
While the object of Envy continues to thrive.
Contrarily, Jealousy is good sometimes.
Yes, in small doses it can enhance growth
When Envy overcomes Jealousy,
The result is toxic to the “Envier.”

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