What a staged display of piety?
What a theatrical display of politics?
From Michael Bates, International Development Minister.

Who are you fooling? Maybe yourself?
Resign for being five minutes late to the
House of Indolent Lords? Kidding we hope?

Did Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary
Resign for being late to the House of Commons
Or to the the House of Hypocrisy?

Did Brexit Secretary, David Davis resign
Because Theresa May wanted to turn Brexit
Into Brentry through the backdoor.

Did Junior Brexit Minister, Steve Baker
Resign because he drinks the same
Canterbury hard ale as David Davis?

Did Lord Bridges, Brexit Minister
Resign after being late to the Brexit Party
Organized by the House of Lords?

Did Lord Price, Trade Minister resign over
Brexit or for trading in blood diamonds
On the London and Paris Bourses?

Did Baroness Anelay, Brexit Minister,
Resign because she injured herself
Participating in the Running of Brexit?

Did Michael Fallon, Defense Secretary
Resign because of Brexit or being caught
Cavorting in the House of Sexual Harassment?

Did Priti Patel, International Development Secretary
Quit over Brexit or for lying about her frolicking
In the House of Israel and Netanyahu?

Did Damian Green, First Secretary of State
Resign because of Brexit or for investing
In The House of Online Pornography?

Did the Brexit Cabinet Reshuffle, make
Justine Greening, Education Secretary,
Shuffle out of her Cabinet position?

Did Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, resign
Over Brexit or for deporting Legal British Residents
To the Caribbean House of Slavery?

Did Phillip Lee, Justice Minister quit
Over the injustice of Theresa May
Favoring a soft Brexit over a hard Brexit?

Did Greg Hands, Trade Minister, hand over
His resignation over Brexit or over
Expanding the House of Heathrow?

Politicians will always be politicians
The Oscar goes to Michael Bates for
Using a lame excuse to resign over Brexit.

PS. Theresa May refused to accept Michael Bates resignation. She saw through the shenanigans.

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