Buhari’s first foreign visit as Civilian Tyrant of Nigeria was to Niger Republic. Buhari as Military Tyrant of Nigeria preferred a Fulani man, Ide Oumarou from Niger Republic over an Igbo man, Peter Onu from Nigeria.
Peter Onu did an excellent job as Acting Secretary-General of the OAU from 1983 to 1985. While pledging to support Onu in English, Buhari was canvassing for the Fulani candidate in Fulfulde.
“By so doing, Buhari became the first and only Head of State in the history of modern international relations to vote against his country in favour of his tribe.”

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The immense hatred Buhari has for Igbos saw him execute Igbos with retroactive decrees, marginalize, maltreat, and murder Igbos with his “Operation Python Dance” and wants Igbos to drown in the River Niger, by refusing to build a Second Niger Bridge.
Finally, he has disappeared the Igbo Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Royal Parents.

Buhari has extended the Nigerian Rail line to Maradi, Niger Republic. Daura is so close to Niger Republic that a piece of wire connected to two empty De Rica™️ tomato paste cans at each end, and stretching across the border is the favorite communication method between Muhammadu Buhari and President Mahamadou Issoufou.
Sometimes, Muhammadu sneaks into Niger Republic on a Keke Na Pepe and Mahamadou returns the favor by sneaking into Daura on a camel. Such are the ties that Buhari alluded to, in his speech during the signing of the giveaway.

Why would any sane person site a refinery in Katsina, where cows outnumber automobiles? This refinery in Buhari’s village in Katsina will refine Nigerien crude oil, while Nigerian crude is refined overseas, returned to Nigeria, at exorbitant cost, and the difference pocketed as fuel subsidy by the Cabal.

Why did Dr. Alhaji Maikantu Baru, the de facto Minister of Petroleum not sign this agreement, but would sign a phony $25 billion contract without the knowledge of Dr. Emmanuel Kachikwu. Dr. Kachikwu, you are signing away Niger Delta’s assets to the Republic of Niger. Dr Kachikwu, you are being used and will be discarded soon. Building a pipeline in Boko Haram and Al Qaeda Haram controlled territory is an invitation to pipeline disruptions and environmental degradation.

A real Ph.D. holder with dignity would have honorably resigned from his position as Minister of State for Petroleum. A position, where he is used to ratify documents inimical to Nigerian interests. The oil income from your Delta Region will be used to build a refinery to benefit Niger Republic, while the Port Harcourt and Warri Refineries in your region are mothballed so that the Arch Monopolist, Alhaji Aliko Dangote’s refinery will corner the refined petroleum market.

Nigeria, Niger Republic sign pact for new refinery in Katsina State

Anyone who does not think that Buhari’s love for Nigeriens is familial needs to see a shrink.
Africastallestman will not be surprised if the Buhari Family are nomadic Fulanis who wandered into Nigeria, from Niger Republic in search of greener pastures.

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