I am God. I created the Universe for reasons best known to me. I have never discussed my reason for creating the Universe with any human. Think about this. I created the Universe and returns to discuss my creation with one man. Who the hell does he think that he is? What makes him so special? What evidence does this man have to prove that I spoke with him? None. He tells you that I told him, and you believe him. Why are humans so gullible?

After this man claimed to have seen and have spoken with me, several copycats have also claimed to have spoken with me. What arrant nonsense? Do you know of any mother or father who only speaks to each child individually, but not as a family? Since I created the Universe, I will speak to all humans and creations simultaneously, not in a dream, or as a spirit. Till that time comes, any one claiming to have seen me or spoken with me is delusional.

I hereby warn you to steer clear of those humans who claim to speak with me and collect money on my behalf. Being God, I can create all the money that I need. I do not need humans to collect money on my behalf.



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