I shall appoint all Security Chiefs from my village.
Competence, qualifications, and integrity of appointees,
Not relevant as I have integrity, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

I shall try members of the Terrorist Boko Haram,
In secret Kangaroo Courts and reincarnate them,
As Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

I shall let members of my inner Cabal and Cronies,
Cannibalize Nigeria, Nigerians, and the Nigerian Treasury,
As long as they remain loyal to me, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

I shall surround myself with thieves that elected me,
While hounding thieves against me with the Goons of State.
There are thieves and then sacred thieves, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

Abacha did not steal a kobo, because I served him.
Since I have integrity, Sani Abacha has integrity.
Stop calling Abacha, a thief, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

If you have integrity, you can surround yourself,
With all types of shady, corrupt, and homicidal characters.
Your integrity will cover their lapses, Buhari, Mr. Integrity.

Now, you see why Nigeria is retrodeveloping,
Nigeria will develop with a corrupt President,
Who surrounds him/herself with people of integrity.

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