A race that exults slavery can never be democratic.
Arabic slavery started with the Jews,
As Jews regained their freedom, the Arabs,
Descended on Africa and enslaved billions,
With Islam and physical grueling slavery.

As Africans started unyoking Arab slavery,
Arabs turned on fellow Arabs for Slaves.
External Slavery becomes Internal Slavery,
As in Monarchies and Dictatorships.
Arab Democracy, An Oxymoron.

Arabic Nations can never be democratic.
Arabs enjoy Slavery, Oppression, and Injustice.
Egypt rejects Spring Revolution for Dictatorship.
No truly Democratic Arab Nation or Institution.
Islamic Religion is enslaving and dictatorial.

You convert, you lose your name.
You can only worship in Arabic,
As the Arab God only understands Arabic
Why worship a God that cannot understand you?
Arab Democracy, An Oxymoron.

A Religion that mandates your
Mode of dressing, eating, and dying.
Mandates your mode of praying and greeting.
A Religion that encourages forced conversions,
Can never have democratic adherents.

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