Ludwig van Beethoven is the greatest
Classical Music Composer of all times.
Is he German, Austrian, or Hungarian?
Who cares? Enjoy the music, he is German.
Is BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche,
German, Austrian, or Hungarian?
Are you serious or being facetious?
These are luxury German automobiles.
Product of German science and engineering,
Sought by everyone in the World.
Who wants to dance to Beethoven?
Music, religion, and sports,
Did not elevate Germans to World prominence.
Neither will they elevate the Black Race.

Neither will a million more
Black Bishops, Apostles, and Pastors.
Name them Adams, Butler, Caldwell, Daniels,
Jakes, Warnock, or even Black Jesus Christ!
Instead of elevating the Black race,
These Religionists divert and funnel,
Scarce Black Resources into private use,
And succession of these Religionists,
Is limited to family members and cronies.
Blacks need more High School Graduates,
College Graduates, Doctoral Graduates,
And less Bishops, Apostles, and Pastors.
Can you name a contemporary prominent
German Bishop, Apostle, or Pastor?

The Black Race needs a lot
More of Percy Julian, Physician and Scientist,
And less of Prince, accomplished Musician.
More of Mary Jackson, Great Mathematician,
And less of Michael Jackson, Great Musician.
More of George Carruthers, Notable Scientist,
And less of George Foreman, Heavyweight Boxer.
Blacks should idolize Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientist,
Over heavyweight boxing prodigy Mike Tyson.
And Benjamin Banneker, Astronomer and Scientist,
Over accomplished Musician James Brown.
Langston Hughes, Prominent Poet and Author,
Over Larry Holmes, Heavy Weight Boxer
Are Blacks listening or laughing?

Afro Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hip hop,
Jazz, Rap, Reggae, and Soul,
Never exterminated White Racist,
And Hatist Behavior, and Lynching of Blacks.
A Black Bomb designed and
Controlled by Black Scientists, will restore
Respect to the Black Race Worldwide.
Weapons are designed and made
By Scientists, Artists, and Engineers.
Whites control the World, through
Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Did Rev. Martin Luther King, Pastor,
And Muhammad Ali, World’s Greatest Boxer,
Eliminate Racist Hatism from America? – No.

Dancing to Beyoncé more exciting
Than dancing to Beethoven.
But Beethoven more famous
Than Beyoncé Knowles Carter.
Black Music, Religion, and Sports
Benefits only the participants,
And not the Black race, nor will
They elevate the Black Race.
But STEM and Art Education will
Elevate and restore Dignity, and
Respect to Black People Worldwide.
Blacks stop glorifying Music, Religion, and Sports.
Dancing, preaching, and exercise,
Only provides temporary relief to Black problems.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

PS. If in doubt about STEM, look no further than China.

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