Poor European Countries gathered in Berlin in 1865,
To assign European Economic Migrants to partitioned Africa,
For easy economic exploitation and looting of African Resources.

Forward to 2018, African Economic Migrants to Europe,
Are left floating at sea, tossed from one nation to another,
Until they drown in the Mediterranean Sea or sold to Slavery.

European Economic Hypocrites gather in Brussels in 2018 and instead
Of partitioning Europe to absorb African Economic Migrants,
Decide to assign them to yet to be named “Controlled Centers.”

These “Controlled Centers” would ensure that African Economic Migrants,
Are rapidly deported back to poverty, economic deprivation, and
Death by their Own Governments propped up by European Governments.

Why do Africans risk the dangerous journey to Hypocritical Europe,
Through the torrid Sahara Desert and stormy Mediterranean Sea?
To discover what European Economic Migrants did with looted African Resources.

European Economic Hypocrites, disgorge yourself of your African Loot,
And African Economic Migrants will never bother Europeans ever again.
Europeans will always be Hypocrites till Armageddon.

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