What is wrong with African Politicians?
Political disagreements, fact of nature.
Factions, part of politics and life.
Factions exist under one political umbrella.
In Africa, factions create another umbrella,
Complete with a new leadership structure,
But same name as original organization.
Parallel factionalization under one umbrella,
With parallel leadership structures,
Evidence of African political immaturity.

Energies and synergies squandered on factionalization,
On internecine infighting, sometimes homicidal,
Distractions from political and developmental goals.
Life or death African politics must end.
African politics is all about money – stealing,
And not about power and service.
The direct line from the African Politicians’ pockets,
To the National treasuries must be severed,
Or Africa will remain corrupt and underdeveloped.
Expected financial rewards leads to factionalization.

Politically, factions should form new organizations.
Ever heard of rival Chairmen of the German Green Party – no.
Two battling Chairmen of the British Tory Party – no.
Feuding Chairpersons of the American Republican Party – no.
Antagonistic Chairmen of the African Shithole Party – yes, four.
Are Africans politically mature? – no
Is a one-party system, the solution?
Maybe a one party democracy will eliminate factionalization,
With safeguards to prevent dictatorships.
Synergizing African political energies for rapid development.



  1. You hit the nail at the head, my creative friend. Factionalization, appears to be the backbone of followers attitude towards their leaders, for example: Rome, both, during the Republic and the Empire was rife with factionalization. Julius Caesar and Pompey fought each other to the death, by using Followers(Factions), who believed in them to make destructive internecine wars on each other. Caesar won in the end, and wanted to be entitled to all authority titles: Caesar, Counsel, Dictator, Emperor, and Tribune at the same time. However,one difference was that in most Roman cases, these factions were asserting their ideas or how society and life ought to be, how the leader should be seen and function for the benefit of the majority of the people (IL Popolo). In other words, the Roman State and politics used factionalization, but with strong, qualified, well reasoned philosophically based, stance. They were at their immature stage, in politicking, I assume. Thanks my friend.

    1. You are right. African factions are bereft of convictions, philosophy, or ideas. They do not seek the public good but seek to enrich their pockets and stomachs. The fight is for control of public or private finances.

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