Has done more harm to civil rights and affirmative action,

Than Judge Jim Crow of the Mississippi Supreme Court,

Whose ruling that a black person is three fifths of a white person,

Was upheld by the US Supreme Court until it was constitutionally overturned.

With a dong as long as a silver spatula,

He serially sexually harassed several female subordinates.

When confronted with allegations of sexual harassment,

He claimed high-tech lynching by his accusers.

He sailed through his Senate confirmation hearing,

Buoyed by conservative aka racist Senators,

And halfhearted opposition by liberals and minorities.

He made it to the top of his profession, winning a lifetime appointment.

Here, he has decorated one of the nine benches,

As a low-tech immobile and taciturn legal statue,

To the astonishment of his supporters and detractors.

Never contributes to any debate before the bench.

Thurgood Marshall is continually stirring in his grave,

As he watches his replacement on the nation’s highest court,

Become the butt of jokes and public embarrassment.

Justice Uncle Tom’s elevation by a cynical and patronizing President,

Has pushed back minority rights and accomplishments,

To pre Jim Crow levels and more harm is expected,

As Jim Crow is dancing in his shallow Mississippi grave.

Minorities will endure another century of oppression, abuse, and death!

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