The answer is a resounding No. Science explains what God has created, done, or is doing. Whatever that science cannot explain is God. If the “Big Bang” theory is believable, where did the banging bodies come from? Were Gods banging? Science can never explain the beginning of the Universe. The only explanation is God or the Unknown.

The complexity of the Universe made the creation of God or gods by Man inevitable. The ancient man must have thought of God as the guy who turns the sun off and on, just as you turn a light bulb today. Revolution, rotation, gravity, waves, etc. may be explained by Science but Science cannot explain why those phenomena occur. Does the Earth have to rotate or revolve? Is there an unseen hand turning the Earth? A God or the Unknown is the most elegant explanation.

Lightning and Thunder must be the howling of an angry God. In some cultures, as in Igbo culture, Lightning is a God. An unpredictable, powerful, angry, and sometimes-irrational God made explanation of “natural events” possible.

Divisions appeared as well as conflicts when Man building on the extant God theory started asserting that God speaks to them. Not only did God speak to them but God also detailed how God created the world to them. Africastallestman has avoided he or she because God only divulged God’s secrets to men. This is counter intuitive as one would expect that since woman gives birth to man, that God is a woman or should also be talking to women.

Just as in war, where the victor writes a biased history of the war to favor the victor, the stronger males have claimed God to themselves. What is even more baffling is that God gave different stories to different “Prophets” or “Holy Men.”

There were no radios, TVs, telegrams, satellites, or Internet in the days of the prophets, so each encounter with God was different. If the old prophets had the benefits of modern technologies, their stories would have been more congruent.

What types of men claim to have spoken with God? Why would God wait for several thousand years after creating Earth and Man to settle on these prophets as God’s messengers? The answer is very simple. Abraham, Mohammed, Zarathustra, and the rest of them are bold, confident, and fearless men or con men, as some would argue, who took advantage of human frailty and gullibility to assert themselves as prophets. Since no one has seen God, how do you counter the account of someone who saw God? The Religious Industry is born, and prophesies become a growth industry that flourishes today in the Christian Pentecostal market.

Apparently, the more Science advances, the more the religious brain regresses. Science may never explain the workings of the Religious brain, which is as undeveloped in some Nobel laureates as in some Jungle Tribesmen in the Amazon.


The current theory of God is similar to a child with many men claiming paternity. A DNA test will determine paternity in our times. Is there a DNA test for God to determine what creation theory or Religion is the true religion? No, is the answer and there will be no answer as God is unwilling to make God available for a DNA test. Science as a DNA test will never prove the existence of God.

Africastallestman believes that that unknown quantity that Science cannot prove, and Religions give human forms, is God.



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