Designed for Blacks by the Health Care System.
Coverage and treatment decided by color.
The color of your skin, not the color of your card.
Treatment choices decided by providers,
And not by coverage on your insurance card.

Regardless of status, color, income, or profession,
You’ll get the Tuskegee Health Care.
Designed by Whites for Blacks.
Discrimination pervades all sectors of American life,
Might as well be genetic through evolution.

Health Care for Blacks in America,
Is based on the Tuskegee Health Care.
Perfected in Tuskegee, Alabama,
When Blacks with Syphilis were denied treatment,
And left to die after being ravaged by Syphilis.

Practitioners claimed it was scientific,
Why spend money on laboratory animals,
When human animals abound?
Scientists or is it sadists had their macabre excitement,
While destroying Black lives and livelihoods.

Black lives never mattered,
And will never matter as long,
As Blacks are not accorded the humanity,
Accorded animals such as dogs.
Where is God, is God asleep, or complacent?


  1. Oh! Tuskegee,Tuskegee,Tuskegee….Oh! Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Hiroshima….All treatment of the Non-West, by the presumed masters of humanity, who abjectly and unconscionably rejected the humanity of the NON-WEST in this universe. Their ideal of contact and dealing with the humanity of the NON-WEST, remains the stepping stone of their being in this planet, which, Rousseau declared the property of us all, and should not belong to certain people or culture. As far as the white person is embedded in his/her long ocean of blood sucking, it simply is his/her second nature, and as, such, inherent in his/her BEING IN THIS WORLD. God, acted once, when He got the Chosen out of Egypt. AND DO NOT FORGET THAT HE IS HERE TO STAY….AFRICANTALLESTMAN. Thanks.

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