Ever heard of Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto describing Mexicans as drug peddlers or Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman describing Saudis as terrorists? Yet Mexico is a drug haven and Saudi Arabia leads the world in the export of terrorists. Nigeria does not lead the world in any measurable vice index.

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda President, chides Buhari on Nigerian youths

Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President delights in insulting Nigerians while in London. He lets loose his guards in the presence of his British handlers and says unprintable things about Nigeria and Nigerians. He has described Nigerians as criminals. While the consular officials of other countries are busy fighting for the welfare of their citizens, the Nigerian President is urging foreign countries to deport, jail or execute Nigerians. Could this be borne out of hatred, jealousy, or both?

There are no Fulani Herdsmen in the Diaspora, so Buhari does not give a f… about Nigerians in the diaspora. Probably he wants Nigerians in the Diaspora to remit money to Fulani Herdsmen or return to be slaughtered by Fulani Herdsmen.

Having surrounded himself with Fulanis in all commanding positions of government, commerce and industry, Alhaji Buhari sees himself as the President of the Fulani Nigeria and not President of all Nigerians.

Here comes another Alhaji Othman Dan Fodio set to annihilate the rest of Nigeria as Dan Fodio annihilated the Hausas. He is in for a big shock as all Nigerians are not Hausas.

This time in London, he describes Nigerian Youth as lazy, uneducated, and hustlers.

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is the least qualified Nigerian to give a lecture on education. Buhari does not have a West Africa School Certificate result. When challenged to produce his certificate, he went to court where a compliant judiciary postponed his case to April 2015. Five hundred thousand Naira changed hands and the Presidential Election was held in March 2015. This is only possible in a shithole country. The same judge was later hounded out of the judiciary. Was 500,000 Naira too much?

At the 61st Independence Anniversary of Ghana, Nigeria’s President offered to help Ghana fight corruption. All known corruption-tracking agencies rank Ghana ahead of Nigeria in having less corruption. When President Nana Akufo-Addo took up the offer, Buhari promised to send Alhaji Ibrahim Magu to help Ghana. President Akufo-Addo took the offer but on one condition: After Magu has been cleared of corruption charges by the Nigerian Senate.

I’ll help you fight corruption – Buhari tells Akufo-Addo

Nigerians need to be extremely vigilant or will wake up one day to discover that their President has signed them away to a foreign power as slaves.

It is a criminal lack of insight for a President with dubious qualifications to lecture the youths of Nigeria on the value of education. President Buhari may be the only Major General in the Nigerian Army without PSC (Passed Staff College, Jaji) behind his name. Educationally, he may be the worst prepared Nigerian President.

Well, Mr. President, Nigerian Youths are emulating you. If you can become President of Nigeria without education, then the youths can become anything including President of Nigeria without education. Any wonder why they stopped going to school since you became President?

There is a saying that “Charity begins at home.” Nigerian Youths May be emulating your lazy son who rides around Abuja on a power bike bought with taxpayers’ money. He is so lazy that he cannot ride the bike proficiently. He crashes the bike, is well treated by an Abuja Hospital but nonetheless is sent to Germany on taxpayers expense to laze around and buy a replacement power bike.

Can you explain to Nigerian Youths why it is not lazy and criminal to seek re-election as President of criminal, uneducated, lazy, and hustling youths? What efforts have you made to cure the maladies affecting Nigerian Youths as their President? Any youth who votes for you is a lazy, hustling, and uneducated criminal and should not complain about your maladministration.

Now to address the support given to your offensive statement by one of your sycophants, Mr. Josephat Igbokwe, who is Sycophant-in-Chief to your party “Leader,” Alhaji Chief Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu.

The bag carrier and water boy for Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Mr. Joe Igbokwe has advanced ten illogical reasons why Buhari is right in calling Nigerian Youths lazy and uneducated. Africastallestman will now dissect his reasons. Mr. Igbokwe, next, will give ten reasons why Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen slaughtering Nigerians is good for Nigeria.

Sycophancy knows no bounds. One sycophant complimented his King for having the sweetest smelling fart, instead of alerting the King to change his stool-soaked pants. The King went on merrily, happy that flies were enjoying his fart, until his hosts started avoiding him. He ordered the sycophant executed. Sycophants beware!


FG will create 1m jobs in 2016 – Osinbajo


1. “A research carried out at NNAMDI Azikiwe University Awka Anambra State found out that Students spend more time doing some funny things on the Internet than focusing on their books.”


Vintage Joe Igbokwe. No references given so the research can be analyzed. You may be the only person privy to this research. “Funny things” could mean doing research on the Internet.


2. “In the 90s I had some two Children of close family members in my house. They were about writing their WEAC Exams but I did see them for one day reading for the exams. When I confronted them they said, ‘Uncle do not worry we will pass’ They ‘passed’ and today they are ‘graduates’ but I know they are not.”


An apple does not fall far from the tree. Are they water carriers to some APC Senators? Anyone with an Igbokwe employee should check his or her credentials.


3. “Today in Nigeria if you want a good carpenter, Tiler or POP man you need to get the Togolese, Cameroonians, Ghanaians to do the job.”


Nigerians prefer foreign to local. Some APC Governors won’t marry Nigerian wives. The foreigners are paid less than Nigerians. It is rumored that a former APC Governor has floated an airline in a foreign country.


4. “I have met Mothers who are ready to give anything including their bodies for their Children to get admission into Universities and even to pass common entrance exams.”


True indeed, because a score of 100% in one State is equivalent to a score of 5% in another State under the APC Administration. Maybe giving their bodies will elevate their children’s score to 200!

If the APC Government took care of the education sector, schools will be competing for students and not vice versa. Why address the educational inadequacies, when politicians, sycophants, and cronies send their children, and wards offshore for education?


5. “For years I have pleaded with some of the young people I know to go to learn a trade and even when I succeeded in getting them places to learn something they usually run away to go and continue to beg.”


Did you give them accommodations, living allowances, and transportation money? One of the APC Senators from Gombe exposed the N-Power Scam and was promptly attacked by the administrators of the sham program. Lazy, uneducated, hustling, and unemployed youth in Gombe State shall remain lazy, uneducated, hustling, and unemployed.

N-Power and the school feeding program have been turned into cash cows by APC Politicians. Maybe, the lazy, uneducated, criminal, and hustling youths could have turned around with the assistance. This is empowerment, and knowing the ingenious Nigerian Youth, a little assistance is all that is needed to motivate them.


6. “I have met many of our young people who said they went to university and when you engage them you will discover instantly that they are fake graduates who are not employable and yet they will tell you there are no jobs.”


The APC Government can set an employment examination to screen out the fakes. The APC did not rusticate Directors who failed promotion examinations since they were from sacrosanct States. This Government does not value education. The fish starts rotting from the head. The head of the NIA is a foreigner who repeatedly failed his promotion examinations.

Those Directors were from your generation. Therefore, the quality of education that you received is very suspect.


7. “One of my brothers spent good money to get his wife who claimed to be a graduate a teaching appointment. He pushed and pushed until one day he was invited by the man who wants to help him. My brother was shocked to the marrows when the man told him that the woman should return to class one in Secondary School and that she knows nothing.”


Likes attract likes. If your brother could not discern a graduate from speech, knowledge, demeanor, and nuances, then your brother is uneducated. His degree, if he has any is questionable.

Apparently, every Igbokwe is educationally challenged. Is this hereditary or are you trying to score points for your Massa by disparaging your family?


8. “In the South East today hundreds of young men have been brutally killed in drug related offenses in South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and other Countries. Some sell their Kidneys to raise money. Give these young men a job of 200k a month they will just laugh at you.”


The same-drugged young men from the South East are leading the nation in all measures of education. Maybe the other zones should start using the same drugs. Africastallestman has highly educated, trained, and knowledgeable young graduates that will take you up on your offer of 200k a month job. Africastallestman will stand as a surety for all that you employ.

Selling your kidney is better than stealing or smoking Indian hemp in Imo State. Imo State is governed by an APC Governor, who will pull down your house for smoking hemp. Same Governor will not give you a loan to start a business but wants you to steal.


9. “Today in NNEWI where I come from it is difficult for you to get a young boy to learn a trade for say 5,6,7 years before they are established. They prefer Okada business, yahoo yahoo, begging etc.”


Experience is the best teacher. I know several young barbers, welders, fabricators, etc. who went bankrupt because the price of petrol and diesel skyrocketed under the Buhari-Tinubu Government. Provide the youths with electricity, water, roads, telecommunications, sanitation, and healthcare and watch Nigerian Youths excel. Provide an infrastructure-rich, enabling, and crime-free environment and watch Nigerian Youths excel as they do when they leave Nigeria.

Foreign investors will flock to Nigeria to take advantage of her Human Resources.


10. “There are so many fake Proprietors of universities and Polytechnics in NIGERIA that are only interested in money and nothing else. They go to JAMB and bribe them to send these 10th rate poor students to them. They push and push them until they graduate, and the vicious cycle continues. We have close to 200 Higher Institutions but how many of them are real higher institutions.”


The APC Administration approved some of these fake Universities and Polytechnics. As the “anti-corruption” Government, you can close down all the fake schools or is the APC Another Platform for Corruption.

The APC may start by having a Minister of Education and stop putting round pegs in square holes.


“I am passionate about getting our Country to work again and that is the reason why I am challenging the young people of Nigeria. My father abused us for laziness and untoward behaviors to make us strong and dedicated. Our teachers in those days abused, flogged, and gave us pits to dig for failing to do our assignments. I know a father who went to pick his son in Navy school Abeokuta for holidays. When he got there and was told that the boy failed his exams the man turned his car and left for LAGOS without the boy. He did not return to pick that boy until after one week. It became a turning point in the life of that boy.”


Your real true calling is telling bedtime stories to the children of your bosses. You expose your nieces/nephews as dunces; you expose your sister-in-law as a dunce, all in an effort to continue collecting tithes from the APC. Are you on speaking terms with your relatives?

Are you a dunce? My Igbo friends say that your actions are un-Igbo and a DNA test is in order.

Africastallestman believes that you should take a few lessons in syllogism. That you have dunces in your family does not imply that all Nigerian Youths are dunces. The APC should start by changing its anachronistic, atavistic, and destructive ways of governing by intimidation, suppression, and elimination of constructive critics.

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