German driver plows into Münster roadside cafe,
Killing and maiming patrons and bystanders.
Officials claim no link to Muslim terrorists.
Does this German born and German bred lunatic,
Watch TV, surf the Internet, and listen to DW?
Has he been watching and re-watching the Berlin Christmas Market,
Vehicle carnage wrought by a Muslim terrorist?
Copycat or copy dog terrorism is terrorism.

AFP and French TV across the border,
Bombarding German airwaves and Internet,
With analysis and reanalysis of the horrific,
Bastille Day vehicular massacre in Nice,
Executed by another Muslim terrorist.
What other incentive does a German lunatic,
Hearing voices and intent on vehicular homicides,
Need to plow into German Citizens? – None.

Vehicular murders by insane German,
Has everything to do with Muslim terrorism.
As vehicular terrorism by Muslim terrorists,
Continues unabated in Europe,
So will copycat or copy dog vehicular terrorism,
Executed by lunatistic native born citizens.
The genie has been out of the bag, too long,
To be returned safely to the bag.

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