Adaptability is an essential step to the survival of any specie. Darwin called it evolution.

Some uninformed Igbos have defined Igbos as Republicans, which to them means that the Igbos have no leaders. Balderdash! Republicans elect their leaders democratically. An elected Republican leader has the same powers as a hereditary leader in a monarchy. The difference is that the Republican leader can be recalled through the ballot box. Adaptation means that the Igbos must start enthroning and respecting their leaders or the rest of Nigeria will shortchange them.

The problem is that Igbos do not respect their leadership, elected, hereditary, or otherwise. When you do not respect your leaders, others will impose a leader on you. The British did it with warrant chiefs and the Hausa-Fulani and Yorubas are doing it.
Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria can impose Chris Ngige as an Igbo leader. Once he loads Ngige with “ransom dollars,” every Igbo sycophant will start dancing Fulfulde. Similarly, a Chris Uba or Andy Uba loaded with “petrodollars” by Chief Dr. Lt. Gen Matthew Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo becomes an Igbo leader and Igbos will start dancing Nkpokiti.

Assuming that Igbos historically lacked Kings, there were other forms of leadership such as, the head of the Nze na Ozo Title Society, Chief Priests, Kindred Heads, War Captains, Elders with “marked tongues,” and titled women. Marked tongue means speaking the truth, no matter whose ox is being gored. These individuals were respected in their communities and were de facto leaders.

The amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1914 extended the feudal system of the North to the South. The Emirs in the North became part of the governing structure of Nigeria. Igbo Warrant Chiefs metamorphosed into Kings (Ezes and Igwes), and Igbo Traditional Rulers became quasi-Emirs. In some locales, there was a consensus that the Kingship remained in the incumbent Warrant Chief’s family creating a hereditary kingship. In other locales, ascension to the throne is by election. The hereditary system eliminated assassinations of Kings (Ezes or Igwes) and assassinations of aspirants by other aspirants. A kingless society now kills to ascend the throne!

Igbo jealousy (towards other Igbos) and quest for titles and recognition resulted in incumbents being undermined by aspirants to the throne. In some towns, to contain and accommodate their inflated personal egos and greed; fake autonomous communities with fake Kings were created. Money usually changed hands to facilitate the process. A town made up of ten villages that hitherto had one King now has ten Kings. Kingship, Ezeship, or Igweship that could have held Igbo communities together, now became dis-uniters (apologies to President G. W. Bush).

Igbos went from having no kings to having too many Kings. The incongruous behavior of Igbos is astonishing. Having too many Kings means that no one is King, opening the doors for strangers to appoint Igbo Kings. The Igbo penchant for fake titles such as Dr., Prof, Sir, Chief, Engineer, Barrister, Architect, etc. has extended into leadership structures.
Imo State, an Igbo State has more autonomous Kings than the number of Emirs and Kings in the rest of Nigeria.

The “suspension“ of the Ohaneze President, Chief Nnia Nwodo by the Youth and Women Wings of Ohaneze in furtherance of the “Igbo enwe Eze” (Igbos have no kings) is silly, ultra vires, rascally, and ill-timed. They have no locus standi to suspend the President. While other ethnic groups are strategizing and mobilizing for the 2019 General Elections, the Igbo House is in disarray. A society mired in internal strife is easy picking for the enemy. If the two groups have any gripe against Nnia Nwodo, it should be tabled at a properly constituted meeting and not through the newspapers and Igbo Area TV. The operators of Igbo Area TV should not be carried away by emotions, while reporting on Igbo affairs. An Igbo news channel should not be partisan in discussing Igbo affairs.

Igbos must start respecting their leaders or strangers will impose inconsequential money bags on them as leaders.

Africastallestman urges Igbos to get their house in order as 2019 is around the corner.
“If you prepare for war, peace ensues, and if you prepare for peace, war will be visited upon you” – Chidiogo (famous Philosopher)


  1. To the point sir, Why should not the educated people of these areas ponder your contention? Whoever initiated the idea of Igbo achi Eze, must indeed be plain mad in the first. I say this because, unfailingly, EVERY SOCIETY in the world understand the need for leadership: Somebody must command, as somebody must obey, to accomplish any worthwhile event or progress of the people. Igbos, even the educated ones, take pride in it, because, for them foolishly, that means first and foremost: Defiance, Autonomy, pride, self respect etc. A society without leaders is non-existent or existentially empty. (Igbo enwe eze) Igbo do not have chiefs; is an empty idea wallowing in the world cultural desert. Thank you.

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