Politicians with Hearts gave us Terrorists and Terrorism.
Politicians with Hearts gave us Wars and Global Warming.
Politicians with Hearts gave us Income Inequality and Poverty.
Politicians with Hearts gave us Disaster Unpreparedness.
Politicians with Hearts gave us Nuclear and Chemical Weapons.
Politicians with Hearts gave us the Death Penalty.

Politicians mount the pulpit to offer their Hearts and Prayers,
After every man made disaster caused by Politicians with Hearts.
Politicians give their Hearts to Victims of Terrorism,
Whose foundations were laid by praying Politicians with Heart.
Politicians give their Hearts and prayers to People mired in Poverty.
As a result of Policies enacted by Politicians with Hearts.

Who tested the donated Politicians’ Hearts for compatibility?
Heart donors are always tested for compatibility.
How would Islamic prayers be received in the Christian Afterlife?
How would Christian prayers affect a Hindu,
Who is being reincarnated in another life form?
Donating Hearts and prayers are not the solution.

World problems caused by Politicians with Hearts,
Surely, will be exacerbated by Politicians without Hearts.
Politicians should pray for their Hearts to be more humanistic.
Prayers and donation of Hearts are for the living.
Dead people do not need Politicians’ prayers and Hearts
Living people need Politicians’ prayers and Heart.

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