Boko Haram or is it Al-Qaeda Haram, or a faction of Boko Haram drives into Dapchi, kidnaps 110 high school girls.
Same group frees 104 Dapchi high school girls after 28 days in captivity by driving them into same town, in the middle of the day.
Meanwhile, the townsfolk, Army, Police, and Vigilante Groups mount a guard of honor for the murderers as they take pictures with the parents.
Is this reality TV, reality, or a staged and orchestrated political melodrama designed for political comedy?

Sources close to the terrorists confirm that next victims will be abducted by helicopter.
Lessening distance to Sambisa Forest, hotels, or safe houses while negotiating for huge ransoms.
Victims spared the long drive by road through military and police checkpoints, while drones and aircrafts provide air cover for the terrorist convoy.
Events commonplace in Nigeria, not possible in a Banana Republic but is routine in a 57 year old country.


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