We sent Muslim boat people seeking asylum to America,
In exchange for white South American refugees.
We imprisoned non-white asylum seekers in black Papua, New Guinea,
Because white New Zealand refused to serve as a prison.
Blacks belong in prison, ask America.
A free black is a danger to any society.
Australia is still a racist country, the races must be separated.

Whites, still in control in Australia,
Arrived as prisoners, now we are imprisoners.
Raped, killed, and displaced the aboriginal owners.
Confiscated and improved their land for our own benefit.
Sounds like déjà vu but is reality, not reality TV.
Echoes of your ancestors and the savages in South Africa.
Racism ever, equality never, Australia is still a racist country.

Come onboard white racist farmers of South Africa.
Your white visas are stamped and ready.
Do you need transportation assistance?
Without Apartheid, South Africa is turning to a third world country.
You shouldn’t have let Madiba out of prison,
Now you have lost everything to the savages.
Welcome aboard racist Australia, and start rebuilding.

Maybe, in a thousand years, the Aborigines,
Will wake up and retake their land,
What land? Not with raging fires, droughts, and floods.
There will be no land left to reclaim.
As global warming will have destroyed the land.
Come and make white hay while the sun is shining.
Racist white ex-prisoners may be the worst type of hatists!

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