With the growing worldwide acceptance of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) individuals, it is expected that as males change their gender to females, some would opt for amputation of their penises.

Penile transplantation has become an established medical procedure and hitherto cadaver penises are used. Fresh living penises are preferable to harvesting penises from cadavers.

I foresee a future where there is a market for penises that is priced by length and girth. Brokers will share authenticated pictures of available penises with prospective customers, usually men who are less generously endowed.

A Penile Stock Market is born.

I see a huge demand in Asia for huge black penises. If the price is right, there may be some straight people who will sell their Cadillac penises and downgrade to Chevy penises and keep the change.

A rich guy with a small penis is more likely to land a trophy female than a poor guy with a trophy penis.

With money in the bank, the poor male who exchanged his trophy penis for a small one and cash will land a trophy female.

Africastallestman is watching.


  1. With current wave of sexual harassment, and the place humanity has placed sex including: priestly pedophiles now rife in the world, your prediction may come true, believe me. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with flood, now He may destroy the entire world with indiscriminate unstoppable sex activities…nothing will then be sacred, in the would-be best of all possible worlds. We shame-barefacedly call it Civilization or modernity No universal point of reference.

    1. Priestly pedophilia is a media hype. Given the number of priests and the number of confirmed cases of “priestly pedophilia,” I think that the problem is exaggerated.

      Some religions are created by pedophiliacs which are officially sanctioned at all levels of the religion. The media ignores this and picks on the large Christian denominations.

      There are studies showing that Catholics are no more likely to engage in abusive sexual relations than Protestants, Evangelicals, and other professionals.

      If you want a clergy free of sexual abuse allegations, you should recruit them from Mars or Venus.
      Your clergy reflects you and your society.

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