All firearm licenses are cancelled immediately for non-Fulanis.
Return all licensed pump action guns to the Nigerian Police,
Within 21 days or face arrest for illegal possession of firearms.

Only Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen can carry firearms openly,
As decreed by the Fulani President of Nigeria.
Major General Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, Chief Cow Herder of Nigeria (CCHN).

The Chief Cow Herder of Nigeria has ordered,
That all returned pump action rifles become property of Fulani Herdsmen
No compensation are payable to the original gun owners.

If you are a Fulani Terrorist Herdsman,
Keep your AK-47s and pump action guns.
You are exempt from the forfeiture order.

Fulanis do not need firearm licenses to carry AK-47s.
Because of the dangerous nature of indigenes,
Whose farms provide nourishment for Fulani cows.

The Fulani Nigerian Police is alarmed that non-Fulanis,
Are defending themselves with pump action guns against AK-47s.
What an unfair advantage against the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen?

Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen need firearms,
To keep peace between Fulani cows and humans.
Fulani cows are more valuable than non-Fulani humans.

Non-Fulani Nigerians also value Fulani cows more than themselves.
If not, why are they still buying and eating Fulani cows?
As the Fulanis continue to slaughter non-Fulani Nigerians like cows.

Humans protesting destruction of their farms by Fulani cows,
Deserve death as Allah has made Nigeria a cow grazing colony,
Of the Fulanis for the benefit of Miyetti Allah and their cows.

The Nigerian Police must help the Fulanis,
Turn Nigeria into a cow colony for the benefit of the nation.
And ensure a steady supply of animal protein and ticks.

Enact anti-grazing bills to your own peril, ask Benue State?
Because the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen will kill you – “nothing will happen.”
While the Police and Army play opossum during Fulani massacres.

Same Police and Army will roundup civil defense groups,
Organized to protect indigenes from Fulani carnage,
Disarm and turnover their guns to Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen.

As the Fulanis prepare to turn Nigeria into one big cattle ranch,
The Nigerian Police and Army must disarm non-Fulani Nigerians,
Who are enacting anti-open grazing bills to frustrate Fulani cows.

Return your firearms directly to Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen,
If there is no Police or Army unit in your area.
To help in the Fulanization, Islamization, and Colonization of Nigeria.

To prevent crimes against Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen and their cows,
Report any non-Fulani with a pump action gun to the Army or Police.
Fulani genocide and massacres of indigenous peoples must be unhindered.

Same Nigerians opposing open grazing by enacting anti-open grazing bills,
Will be applauding as Fulani beef replaces cassava, plantain, millets, and yam,
As the nation’s basic food staples, because humans can live on beef alone!

Turning Nigeria into a Fulani cow colony “is a task that must be done.”
Under Major General Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, CCHN.
Because the next President of Nigeria might not be a Fulani.

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