Earthquake, Floods, Hurricanes, Wars, Cyclones, and Droughts.
Disasters too many; opportunities to make a quick buck for NGOs.
Opportunities for easy sex for NGO workers and soldiers.
Add Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières, UN, EU, CARICOM and USA to the mix,
And a giant bazaar of donors, vendors, and recipients is created.
Actors, celebrities, and politicians join the fray and a carnival erupts.
The AiD Charade.

Donor countries donate millions and reap billions in returns.
Returns to suppliers in donor countries, salaries to foreign aid workers, and sex money.
The rest disappears into private pockets, planning, replanning, retreats, and luxurious living.
Meanwhile, billions in pledges by donors are unredeemed or diverted.
The jamboree continues in one location until the next disaster.
Haiti is a prime example, billions donated, nothing to show.
The AiÐ Charade continues.

2 thoughts on “THE AiD CHARADE.

  1. Could this be…Leibniz/Voltaire’s “Best of all possible worlds?”. Harvard Psychologist, Professor Pinker, recently claimed in radio interview, that the world is better now, than it has ever being, that, child mortality, is less, communication has improved, less wars,better medicine, less death from diseases, and other former misfortunes of humanity has diminished drastically in the world now. That seemingly,”This is the best of all time, past, in world history”. Might he be right in his personal observation of world historical journey?, given your enunciated man’s inhumanity to man, in regard to AIDS to the underdeveloped world?

    A couple of days back, the Chinese president asserted that” China, will never exploit Africans or other people like the west has in the past”. He contends this position, because, people are beginning to think of China’s delve into many countries infrastructures building,as another form of “colonization”. Contestable?. Rochelle Reily, an African America writer, contends in her new book, just out (I ordered it), “The Burden” that actually, slavery was abolished in the southern plantations, but, that slavery has not stopped at all, that it has continued in industrial and other organizations in America, and elsewhere, without ceasing to date. If one observes, that is the situation currently in all activities now, (Blacks are more likely to be denied Housing loans than their white counterparts, Recent report says).

    Do we have then, an objective grounds, to object to your definition of AIDS to poor nations as farce? I do not think so. It is still a dog eat dog world. The most troubling aspect is that throughout recorded history, AFRICA, has been the worst recipient of this unending man’s inhumanity to man. French philosopher, Voltaire, fought all his long life, against, cruelty, intolerance, and for freedom of the human being, in the world, but the French ignored him and his novel ideas, and traded in human beings, colonized and established empires overseas. A German philosopher, Hegel contended that in terms of world history, dialectically understood, yields three forces (Conflicts Always at work) : Thesis, Antithesis which are resolved in Synthesis. That these processes are present and inevitably will be at work always; in human and historical affairs of human life, in this world. The question arises, therefrom: Where is manifest the syntheses arising unceasingly, from the incurable conflicts in human affairs? SYNTHESES still hangs far off the objective existence of man in the world. We believed this. Man is a wolf to man, remember.

    1. Excellent discussion.
      “Man is inherently evil but cooperates with similar evil people when human survival is threatened by animal (ancient) or human (modern) forces.” – Chidiogo.

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