Arm the opposing factions with weapons of mass extermination.
Ignore all reasonable paths to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
Terminating conflict prematurely, means loss of billions of dollars.
Provide misinformation through high powered news media,
To obfuscate the real fuelers of the conflict,
While children, women, men, and animals,
Are senselessly mowed down by smart bombs,
That are smart in fishing out civilians, and infrastructure.
Destroying ports, hospitals, schools and dwellings.
Collateral damage takes the blame, poor General Collateral.

General Collateral, the unprosecutable war criminal,
Continues to strafe, starve, suffocate, and subdue the weaker party.
Millions displaced, thousands maimed and killed.
Add communicable diseases such as cholera and diphtheria,
Nurtured by disrupted sanitation and nonexistent health care,
To accentuate the human carnage and suffering.
Do not forget to destroy water supply and the power grid.
Surrender quickly or die slowly, Power is might.
Ignore all international entreaties to end hostility.
Blame victims for prolonging conflict.
Instead of yourself for prolonging profits.

Arrange a humanitarian Geneva donor conference to cover atrocities.
Donate a few of your ill-gotten dollars to confuse the world.
To pull wool over your eyes, because the world,
With help of the social media is truthfully informed.
How about ending the conflict and human suffering?
No way, these are Third World People.
Just a tad over our ape ancestors,
Or created on God’s bad day if you are a creationist.
When will justice, equity, and fairness reign?
Who is fooling who?
Aid Conference indeed!

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