Nigeria has tried Federal Character.
President Muhammadu Buhari is trying Fulani Character.
Minister of Defense is Fulani.
Minister of Internal Affairs is Fulani.
Head, Department of State Security Service is Fulani.
Head, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is Fulani.
Army Chief of Staff is Fulani.
Air Force Chief is Fulani

Inspector General of Police is Fulani.
Head, National Intelligence Agency is Fulani.
Attorney General is Fulani.
National Security Adviser is Fulani.
Head, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is Fulani.
Chief of President’s Staff is Fulani.
Head of Immigrations is Fulani.
Head of Civil Defense is Fulani.

Spokesperson for the President is Fulani.
Head, National Cow Agency is Fulani.
Prisons Boss is Fulani.
Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission is Fulani.
President of Nigeria is Fulani.
Secretary to Government is Fulani.
Every Significant Parastatal, is headed by a Fulani.
Education Minister is Fulani.

Aso Rock rats are Fulani.
What is the result of Fulanism?
Nepotism, fuel scarcity, free fall of the Naira, Recession and Unemployment.
Mass murders by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen.
Unbridled corruption and theft of public money.
Medical tourism, Misinformation, and falling Educational Standards.
Incompetence and Employment of the dead.
Impunity and Lawlessness are Laws of the Fulani.

Shame on the Nigerian National Assembly.
What an asinine chamber.
Populated by a.. h….
Might as well disband.
And spare the country.
Further anguish and monetary expenditure.
A dictatorship without a Legislature,
Preferable to one with a spineless, dollar-guzzling Fulani Legislature.

Buhari’s all-Fulani Leadership has been a monumental failure.
Fulanis should be confined to managing cows in ranches, not people.
No more Fulanis in leadership positions.
Fulanis can only be Minister of Cows.
And no more Fulani mismanagement as people are not cows.
Obviously, Fulanis are not cut for political leadership of Nigeria.
Incoming Nigerian Presidents to note.
Fulanis are to be excluded from the Political Leadership of Nigeria.








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