Technology can teach ignorance.
Technology can enlighten.
Technology can enslave people.
Technology can impoverish people.
Technology can expose ignorance.
Technology can obfuscate as well as illuminate.
The viral video phenomena as copied and forwarded,
By Africans of all academic, religious, and political persuasions,
Show that Africans are uncritical thinkers.

When a supposed intellectual African forwards an uncritical viral video,
Purporting to solve African problems by individual efforts, the questions are –
Did an individual build the American Expressway System?
Did an individual build the great Western Public Institutions?
Did an individual create the New Deal in America?
Did an individual create the Internet?
How many power stations has Bill Gates or Warren Buffet built in America?
How many Universities has Jeff Bezos built in Washington State?
Politics provides the quickest fix to any problem.
Tell that to the uncritical African professor and get jeered.

The African failure to realize that politics changes everything,
May be an inherited genetic trait,
That is primitive, uneducable, and all-pervasive.
No individual effort can flourish in a corrupt political system,
Mired in corruption, graft, nepotism, and tribalism,
Crowned by ineptitude, incompetence, and deadly strifes.
Add the monopoly of politics and commerce by a corrupt few.
The African failure to realize the central role of politics.
In nation building, human development, and economic upliftment,
Proves that the African is an uncritical thinker.

Africa will continue to be a shithole continent.
Until, Africa starts producing critical political thinkers and philosophers.
Until, Africans replace gullibility with critical analyses.
Until, Africans throw away the yoke of inferiority and victimization.
And use their God-given resources and brain,
To chart new political and economic paradigms,
That recognize the central role of politics in nation building.
Good politics whether driven by an individual as in Singapore or Turkey,
Or by groups as in America, Europe, China, and India.
Critical African thinking is the key to getting Africa out of the shithole.

This is the video:


  1. Africastallestman see the following argument from one of the forums I belong to:
    “Facts are not popularity contests. They just are .. facts.
    It is clear that Nigeria does not meet the definition of a failed state. In fact all the conspiracy theories you post here about the government and its connection to Fulani herdsmen depicts a government so organized and in control.
    So you need to choose, is the government so organized and in control that they have audacious plans to overrun the southeast and take over everything or have they lost control and Nigeria is a failed state?
    This is that annoying analysis part again – putting thing in their correct context so you know when to panic and when not to with information presented.”

    1. It is sophistic arguments such as yours that make Nigerians and Africans uncritical thinkers.

      A failed state refers to outcomes and not processes. If cattle herders in a state are organized to kill off all the intellectuals in the state and turn the state into one big cattle ranch; by your argument you have a functioning government of organized murderers in control of the state. This state such as Nigeria is not a failed state? It is a failed state.

      Why restrict your concerns to the South East? The goal of the present Islamic Nigerian Government is to Islamize and Fulanize Nigeria using the Uthman Dan Fodio playbook lodged in Arewa House, Kaduna.

      The Mafia and other organized mobs are so organized and in control of their organizations that every corporation should be organized in a Mafioso fashion!

      Africastallestman’s definition of a failed state is more expansive. In addition to “a state whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control,” it is “a state that has failed to fully utilize its human, material, and other resources to develop herself that her citizens are emigrating from the state for political, economic, and security reasons” – Chidiogo (African Philosopher).

      Nigeria is a failed state politically, because the Nigerian Government is no longer in control of the Fulani Herdsmen. Nigeria is a failed state economically, because of corruption by the present government, recession, and massive external borrowing. Nigeria is a failed state politically and economically, as her citizens are willing to be enslaved by Arabs or drown in the Mediterranean Sea than live in Nigeria.

      The Zimbabwean and North Korean Governments are so organized and in control of their failed states. Most Zimbabweans and North Koreans will bolt their countries if given a chance. The Zimbabwean Government had audacious plans to annihilate the Ndebele people and North Korea audaciously annihilates dissenters with anti-aircraft guns in organized public displays. They are not failed states in your reasoning.

      You do not understand the definition of conspiracy theory. A conspiracy theory is a “belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.” The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Organization and President Muhammadu Buhari, their Patron is not a covert organization. Governor Nasr el-Rufai is not a covert organization. The organization and their sponsors, Buhari and Rufai have acknowledged that they would keep murdering non-Fulani Nigerians until the whole nation becomes a big grazing field.

      Has President Buhari condemned his Fulani murderers or has he visited the site of massacres? What other evidence do you need?

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