A nation blessed with a long coastline and natural deep harbors,
Creates an importation bottleneck by developing only Lagos Ports,
And Baro River Port for exporting groundnuts and cotton.
Leaving Port Harcourt Port for pirates,
Abandoning Sapele Port for slave traders,
Designating Calabar Tinapa Port for carnivals,
Using Warri Port for war exercises,
Sequestrating Forcados Port for crude oil exports,
Consigning Burutu Port to receiving groundnuts and cotton from Baro,
And isolating Bonny Port for liquefied natural gas exports.
How not to develop a nation.

An importation bottleneck maximizes revenue,
Not for the nation but for,
Individual Customs and Police officers, and their Fulani bosses.
Individual Road Safety and Civil Defense officers, and their Fulani bosses.
And yet to be named Fulani security officers.
Who line the Lagos – Onitsha routes extorting,
Money, goods, and dignity from entrepreneurs east of the Niger.
Heavy traffic degrades the Lagos- Onitsha Highway.
Accidents damage lives, goods, and property.
How not to develop a nation.

Do the politicians care? – No.
Politicians get their own loot by,
Budgeting billions every year for upkeep,
Of the heavily traumatized Lagos- Onitsha Highway.
Armed bandits get their share,
By mounting roadblocks in between security checkpoints.
The Lagos – Onitsha gravy train continues to enrich a few thieves,
While increasing the prices of goods and commodities for everyone else.
Welcome to the Thievocracy called Nigeria.
How not to develop a nation but to develop individual pockets.

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